Why Is Headwear Still An Important Accessory?

Posted on July 12 2019

Certain individuals just love to accessorize. The more accessories the better, for some. Because people enjoy it, there are numerous embellishments from which to choose – i.e. jewelry, bags, shoes, scarves, and more. When it comes to headwear, that's an accessory, too! In fact, some people believe that headwear is the biggest and best adornment ever.

Let's take a look at the thinking behind that philosophy. Why are hats still an important accessory and what are the best ways to accessorize with hats?

Why Is Headwear Still An Important Accessory?

Accessorizing with Hats

Okay, you've decided that you're going to accessorize and you’re going to use a hat with which to do it. How do you go about that? Knowing that a collection of hats can give a major boost to your wardrobe, you won't want to stop at just one. You want the right hat for the right occasion and the right outfit, after all. So, make sure you have a selection.

  • Great summer hats for women– Hats without rims, "Flapper Hats" or cloche hats are a good choice. So is a newsboy or paperboy hat to bring out the hipster in you. You can look both professional and casual at the same time. Going to the beach? Don't forget your giant sun hat. If you love your snapback cap, stick your ponytail out the hole in the back for a cute but sexy look.
  • Summer hats for guys – If you're going formal, a Fedora is never a bad choice. They can even be worn when going casual. For a street look, there's nothing like a snapback from New Era. Going to the game? Again, a snapback or fitted cap with your team's logo will be perfect. Ready to spend the day with your family? Get that dad hat down off the shelf and rock your day.


Should your hat match the color of your clothing? This question is up for grabs. As long as the hat complements your outfit, you’re good. Colors that tend to match almost anything are tan, black, gray, brown, and navy. They’re considered neutral.

Wearing Hats As Protection

You've heard by now that, though your body needs vitamin D (which you can get from the sun), too much sun will damage your skin. It's that whole skin cancer scare thing that you've heard about until you can't possibly hear it one more time. Even without the scare of cancer, no one wants a painful sunburn. You protect yourself from the sun's rays by using lotions with sunblock. You can also use hats such as snapbacks, caps with visors, bucket hats, etc.

In addition to discouraging skin cancer on your face, wearing a hat that blocks the sun also lessens the chance of skin discoloration, spots, and getting wrinkles. So, put on that hat if you want to maintain a fresh, young-looking face!

Wear A Hat for Stylin’

Question: Why do most people wear hats?

Answer: For reasons of style and statement.

Style sense is one reason why hats and caps come in different types, from street inspired to the classics. If you want to express your individuality, there are few better ways to accessorize than with an amazing fashion tool such as a hat. Have fun. Be bold. Be understated. Blend in or stand out. The choice is yours and the options are limitless.

Wearing Hats As a Culture

For decades, a large part of our history has been different kinds of hats and the wearing of them. For a plethora of reasons, hats have been used in every walk of life. They can convey culture, style, status, and so much more. You can do your part to keep the tradition of wearing hats alive by shopping at Hat Heaven and donning your favorite chapeau. Collect different styles and colors so that accessorizing will be easier and more fun.

Here's a little something to keep in mind – some people think that wearing hats makes people more attractive. Of course, that means the right kind of hat, so…


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