Who Has The Biggest Fitted Cap Collections?

Posted on December 05 2019

One must exhibit a certain level of dedication in order to collect exorbitant amounts of something. Whether a collection involves dozens or thousands, collecting takes time. Some collections have no affiliation whatsoever, while others cater to a particular city, team, brand, etc. It is unfathomable for some to consider stocking up on New Era fitted caps. To others, it is a dream.

Let's look at a number of individuals who have reveled in the thrill of the hunt and put together some of the most impressive collections of fitted caps in existence.


Norbert FloBman

With one hat for every day of the year, this 365 cap collection may be considerably smaller than the number one seated collector, but it is impressive, nonetheless. This German man of mystery has an assortment of classics and multiple colors.

Chris Cornolo

With 200 hats and counting, this collector has been hooked ever since he received a New Era baseball cap with the Brewers logo on it. Favorite things of this Wisconsin native include his New Balance sneakers and his 59FIFTY caps.

John Beare

With 500 hats, and no sign of stopping, this collector prefers classic, simpler logos. Each season, he looks forward to seeing what new styles will be released.

Hannes Stewie

Back in 2000, this collector started wearing New Era caps and has now amassed over 650 caps. In 2005, he had acquired 30. At Berlin's New Era flagship store’s grand opening, he bought his 200th cap. The rest is history.

Tyjuan Mathis

While we’re not sure exactly how many hats this collector has, this social media celebrity of sorts has some of the wildest fitted caps around. The sneaker and cap collector isn’t sure of an official total but figures his collection numbers in the thousands. Whatever it takes to get his hands on those caps – he's on board!

Angel Del Rosario

Numbering somewhere over 800 caps, this collector eventually wants to own every hat worn through the years by each and every team. That means present-day hats all the way back to when they first started wearing caps. Which one is his favorite? All of them. He considers them his babies.

Alex Mendoza

A 300+ hats, he may not come in at the top of the list, but he has fitted caps from hockey, basketball, baseball, and more. He doesn't limit himself to one single sport but likes to stick to Chicago teams as a diehard fan.

Ricky Ruby

Ricky likes to show off his favorite city, team, and his allegiance to them by wearing one of his Atlanta Braves hats. With a collection of 50+, he may not be the most extravagant collector, but he is still respected. Many of his hats simply can't be found anymore, and that takes dedication.

Gary Leach

We’re starting to get into some bigger numbers now with a collection of 850+. As a kid, Gary started off wearing New Era caps. He never wanted to wear what the other kids were wearing, however, he looked to his heroes for what to wear. To this day, he tries to collect things that others don't have.

DJ Clark Kent

This collection boasts 2000 hats plus, the first of which was a Yankees cap. Pick any hat out of the New Era collection, and there can be no doubt that this collector has it. Even caps that may not have reached mass production could possibly be found buried beneath a giant mountain of caps from which he chooses one, every day, to wear out and about.

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