Which Fitted Baseball Hat Styles Are Currently Trending?

Posted on September 10 2019

Ever since baseball hats were created, it seems they've been dead center in a heated fashion debate. But they weren't for everyone – tastes differ, after all. As of late, however, baseball hat styles have altered in numerous ways. These caps are suddenly finding themselves hot and fashionable and loved by many. So, what changed? The fashion barrier was clearly broken, but by what styles and forms?

Let's take a look at what's hip and trendy where baseball hat styles are concerned.Which Fitted Baseball Hat Styles Are Currently Trending?

Fitted Baseball Caps Are Now Stylish

For decades, solid fashion choices did not even come close to including baseball caps. But, along with other trends and items, the rise of hip-hop artists changed all that. The baseball cap has now cemented itself firmly in the fashion industry.

But even within this trend, there are sub trends or sub styles. Depending on the look you're going for, today's fashions couple well with baseball hats of varying types, styles, colors, etc. Let's take a look at current sub categories individually.

Baseball Caps and Styles

You'll find that different baseball caps go very well with the following styles:

  • Transition fashions – Show off your favorite cap during transitional seasons like fall and spring.
  • Streetwise – Having made an impression on recent fashion trends, this is a classic style.
  • Well-tailored look – Now it's okay to combine your favorite cap with a tailored suit!
  • Summer ready look – What goes hand-in-hand better than a nice day at the beach and a baseball cap?
  • Luxe Minimalism – This style combines the trendy basics of tactile fabrics with the simple nature of a baseball cap.

Baseball Cap Forms

The following caps fit with today's fashions perfectly and are the five biggest trending cap styles:

  • Premium line – Caps made in a minimalist design from textured materials and high-end fabrics put others to shame.
  • Sports – Over the years, tweaks and upgrades have altered the cap that started it all. It remains, however, a staple in the wardrobes of many.
  • The dad hat – Perfect for casual dads all over the world this hat has a traditional feel and a straightforward, simple scheme. The "Dad Cap" has an unstructured body and a curved peak design.
  • Five panel – Introduced back in the 90s in the skateboarding world, this hat has a unique feel and shape thanks to its low and round profile.
  • Snapback – This one-size-fits-most modern classic is extremely popular with the casual hipster and hip-hop artists.


We’d be slacking if we didn't mention hip-hop. Once upon a time, the weird kid on the block was one of the only kids to wear a fitted baseball cap. Now, in star-studded fashion, snapbacks and fitted baseball caps are worn by rockers, hip-hop artists, rappers, and every other celebrity under the sun. The hip-hop look itself is distinctive and currently one of the trendiest looks in existence.

No matter what kind of baseball cap you're looking for, or what look/style you’re going for, Hat Heaven has the hat you need. Our caps come in numerous styles, colors, with logos, without logos, sports logos, cute sayings, dad hats, snapbacks, you name it. Check out our impressive selection today and find the hat that is perfect for you.


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