Which Famous Celebrities Are Rocking Dad Hats?

Posted on October 14 2019

Do people have to be dads in order to wear dad hats? Absolutely not. Do you have to belong to a certain social class in order to look at home in a dad hat? Again, no. Thanks to millennials, the baseball caps of yesterday have taken on a new mantra – the dad hat. When it comes to today's accessories, it is one of the hottest, latest, and greatest. A couple of years ago, mom jeans were all the rage. But today, dad hats have taken over.

Which Famous Celebrities Are Rocking Dad Hats?

What's a Dad Hat?

Frequently decorated with statement phrases, brand names, and/or team logos, dad hats are just your basic baseball cap or hat (according to fashion experts). They can complement your outfit, or not. Their "uncool" look is entirely on purpose. They may be mildly ill-fitting and slightly worn. Picture a dad, probably around middle age, who, on his way out the door, just tossed on a random hat without thinking about the rest of his outfit.

There’s your dad hat look!

Not Just for Dads Anymore

As suggested earlier, this "new" style of hat can be worn by anyone. So much so, in fact, that today's celebrities – both male and female – are rocking the look. Let's take a peek at who's been seen in a dad hat lately and the style they chose to accompany their cap.

That's the Way to Do It!

Showing us the perfect way to rock a dad had is Chance the Wrapper. He has been seen in nice fitting jeans with a plain, casual, high-waisted tuck tee.

That's Hot!

Surprising us with a Justin Bieber (who also wears a dad had frequently) marriage, the hot model known as Haley Baldwin has been seen in a dad hat practically everywhere she goes these days. This super cool hat trend looks perfect with her swimsuit top and short shorts.

Kanye West

Like him or hate him, you have to admit, when it comes to wearing trendy pieces, this guy not only loves to do it, but he rocks it. If there is a new trend, you're bound to see it on Kanye West. Chances are, he may even have started the trend.

The Cool Girl

This, of course, refers to one of the coolest girls out there - Sophia Richie. She can couple a nice dad hat with one of her casual outfits, and she's ready for anything. There can be little doubt how great she looks in one of her bikinis with the color-matching, trendy accessory of a dad hat.

As Seen on Twitter

Katy Perry, in a Twitter post, informed us that that dad hats live on even though the Olympics are over. She was pictured attending in one of her favorite dad hats and clearly made no secret of her love of the stylish trend.

The Hot New Model

One of the newest and hottest models is also the daughter of Cindy Crawford. Kaia Gerber has not only taken the fashion industry by storm, but she is a staunch supporter of dad hats. Naturally, she looks amazing in them – but with that bloodline, how could she not?

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