What You Need to Know about the 59FIFTY Silhouette

Posted on June 05 2019

Thanks to the pioneering spirit of the family owned and operated New Era Cap Company, back in the 1950s, a legendary fitted cap was created that would go on to – for all intents and purposes – start a revolution in the fashion and hat industry. An upheaval would soon be created involving color and self-expression from what once was nothing much more than a form of sport.

What You Need to Know about the 59FIFTY Silhouette

The Fitted 59FIFTY

What sets this hat aside from others is, in part, the flat visor of the cap and the possibility of, should the wearer choose to, curving it (rather than wearing it straight across). The cap, upon creation, was structured and fitted.

Back in 1934, the New Era took the baseball world by storm as the creators of the Cleveland Indians’ baseball caps. True ingenuity took over, of course, in 1954 – the birth year of the 59FIFTY – and the rest is history.

The 59FIFTY In the Beginning

Today's 59FIFTY is a cultural icon, there can be little doubt. But it began simply as a partnership, a love of superior craftsmanship, and a passion for workmanship some 95 years ago. The brand New Era understood that the term "one-size-fits-all" simply didn't apply to hats.

Today, their legacy is diversity, and it is one that lives on with every hat they create and manufacture. Their focus on innovation, quality, and design is and continues to be relentless, and has created a phenomenon on a global scale.

Enter the 59FIFTY Silhouette

The 59FIFTY fitted silhouette was born in 1954 by second generation New Era owner, Harold Koch (son of Ehrhardt, the founder). The roll of fabric that was utilized for the manufacture of this new cap is where the name comes from. Though its official name remains the 59FIFTY, you may also hear it referred to as the "Brooklyn Style" cap, informally.

Lord Love the 80s

The 1980s were all about experimentation for many of us, and that included the New Era Cap Company. They decided to give direct marketing a go with this plan: In "The Sporting News", run an advertisement. Offer anyone that sends in a money order or check for the amount of $12.99 the opportunity to own a professional, fitted baseball cap.

An overwhelming response ensued!

Across America, a demand in fan-driven licensing gear began to take shape. The course of the fitted cap would be changed in 1994 by a phone call from none other than Spike Lee. His request was not only unusual but, for many, unthinkable. He loved the New York Yankees and wanted one of their caps. No big deal, right? But he wanted it in red. Unfathomable!

Much to his credit, however, Chris Koch, currently New Era’s CEO, granted his request and the fitted cap was forever transformed.

Needless to say, New Era’s cap would soon make its way to the head of the class in a developing fashion and culture referred to as "streetwear". Across the globe, the 59FIFTY has catapulted to nothing less than an iconic symbol, representing something just slightly different for each individual who wears it.

The 59FIFTY, New Era’s pinnacle silhouette, is a popular choice indeed at Hat Heaven! Check out our inventory today.


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