Wearing Snapback Caps In Style

Posted on July 12 2019

Those in-the-know understand that there is more to wearing a cap than just plopping one on your head on your way out the door. Different hats are worn in different ways. We are going to examine snapback caps and the correct way to wear them in style.

Wearing Snapback Caps In Style

Hats in History

It was unheard of for a man to leave the house hatless back in the early half of the 20th century. At some point, however, heads grew decidedly more naked. No one is quite sure how that happened. It might've been the fact that cars were getting more prevalent than public transportation. Hairstyles like those worn by the Beatles and JFK may have had something to do with it. But men's hats disappeared somewhere around the middle of the 20th century.

These days, however, it's something of a statement if you leave the house while donning a hat. Regardless of how you made the decision, when your outfit includes a hat, it makes it seem like you put forth honest effort.

Making a Statement

Okay, you've “made the effort” by putting on a hat. All of fashion’s burning questions cannot be answered, however, just by donning a baseball cap, snapback, fitted cap, or a trucker cap. Making an effort does not equate to looking amazing. If, rather than a thing of beauty, the piece with which you're making your statement is an eyesore – few things are worse. Rather than trying hard and falling flat, pay attention to the following tips about snapbacks to keep your look snappy.

First Things First – What's a Snapback?

No, not everyone knows what a snapback is. Truth be told, there are many types of hats and caps. Characteristics that define a snapback are a wide flat bill on a baseball style cap. The dome of the snapback is formed by six panels which are structured rigidly. This means that, rather than be folded or squashed, it's more likely to retain its original shape. Providing a larger available space for graphics and text, the dome in the front is high. Instead of being singularly fitted, a plastic strap goes across the back and snaps to various sizes or adjustments.

New Era Caps created snapbacks. They're still producing them. With the sports world, the brand has strong ties – especially with the New York Yankees. In fact, Yankee fans have made the New York Yankees New Era snapback one of the most popular caps in history.

How Should You Wear Your Snapback?

Here we go… By now, if we lined up a bunch of hats, you could probably pick out the snapback. Here are the tips we promised:

  • If you're a beginner, stick with a simpler style – i.e. simple logo, plain style.
  • If your friends aren’t used to seeing you in a cap, stick with a basic color so as not to shock.
  • Camouflage, blue, and basic black work well with many outfits.
  • Looking for a warmer color? Try maroon.
  • Want to add some oomph to your outfit? Try the standout options – i.e. eye-catching designs and colors.
  • Ladies, want something fun and stylish? Try paisley.


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