Understanding The Do's And Don'ts Of Styling Your Children

Posted on January 21 2021

Don't worry, this piece about styling your children isn't going to recommend skinny ties or 3-inch heels. They aren't necessary fashion tips for today's boys and girls. Not that some kids don't desire fancy things like ties and heels… They may well aspire to dress that way! But at least for now, let's try to keep it simple by offering some tips for dressing kids.

Today, in many cases, attire worn by kids and adults is more similar than ever. Now, more than in days of old, children are exceedingly aware of what's in style and current fashions. They are subjected to it constantly. They may, in fact, be far more fashion conscious than their parents!

Remember not to go overboard and to let kids be kids. Keep them feeling good and looking good.

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Style Versus Comfort

In all cases, more than style, comfort should be considered where children are concerned. Yes, it's possible to have both. Even when dressing up, however, make sure that your child can act like a kid. Clothing should allow them to run and play, and the fabric should breathe, even if it's a boy's suit or a girl’s party dress.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I carefree, and not worried whether they'll tear their outfit or not? During the event, can I relax?
  • Without fear of embarrassment, can I easily adjust their outfit for potty training purposes. Will I be scrambling?
  • In his dress pants, can my son climb, jump, and run?
  • In her fancy dress, can my daughter comfortably sit, bend over, climb, run, and twirl?

The practicality of your family's lifestyle and the outfit may not be a good match if any of these questions were answered with "No."

Outfits with poorly stitched flourishes, flimsy material, lots of ties and buttons, etc., should be avoided. If your child needs a lot of help taking off and putting on a piece of clothing, try something else. Rather than everyone being stressed out, it should be fun to dress up.

Under Dressing Is Better Than Over Dressing

Even if you're attending a wedding with your kids, don't force your child to dress fancifully. You're already torturing them by making them party with grown-ups! Eliminate the fight and the fussiness by dressing them down just a bit. They are kids. They get a pass!

Remember the Weather

Few things make your child more uncomfortable than not being dressed appropriately for the weather. The same can be said for adults, but with exception! Here's an example: In the middle of October, you're attending a wedding in Vermont. Strapless dresses have been decided upon for the bridal party. However, for the flower girl, expecting the same is not okay!

On New Year's Eve, as another example, you may choose to avoid the hassle of a coat check and leave your coat behind. That same choice can't be made by your child. Make sure they’re always ready for the cold weather.

Who's Got Children's Hats?

Hats are a great way of accessorizing, pretty much no matter the outfit. There are dressy hats, casual hats, and everything in between. Match colors of the hats to colors in the outfits or choose a neutral hat that goes with everything.

Depending on the occasion, choose a sports logo hat, sports memorabilia hat, cap with a cartoon character on the front, or hat with no design whatsoever.

Hat Heaven has a wide array of kids’ hats. From movie memorabilia to cartoon characters, and from baseball logos to NHL teams (and more), we've got the hat you and your kids are looking for. Encourage a little bit of independence and a lot of creativity by allowing your child to have a say in which hat they wear.

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