Trendy Kids: Kids Star Wars Black New Era K59Fifty Fitted

Posted on February 04 2021

We, at Hat Heaven, do one thing – we sell caps. So, better than anyone else, we are aware that you have endless choices when it comes to types, styles, manufacturers, and retailers of kids’ hats. That said, we'd like to introduce you to something we think you're really going to like – and so will your child. Our Kids Star Wars Black New Era K59Fifty Fitted cap.

Before we talk about the hat, however, we would like to give you a little bit of information, history, and some trivia, involving the manufacturer – The New Era Cap Company.

Trendy Kids Kids Star Wars Black New Era K59Fifty Fitted.

New Era Cap Company

There was a time when the word "fitted" was not a noun, as it is today (in reference to caps). Likewise, there was actually a time in history when baseball wasn't considered "America's Pastime". It's true! During this historical period, one family decided to pursue a mission: Take the headwear industry and revolutionize it. Moreover, they did more than that – they redefined it altogether.

The family was that of German immigrant and 37-year-old skilled craftsman, Ehrhardt Koch. After realizing the opportunity at hand, he embarked on the family's mission to redesign the quality of fashion headwear. That included the manufacturing process. In 1920, his dream came to its fruition. But first, he had to borrow some money from his sister, Rose. Then he was able to start the New Era Cap Company.

In their first year alone, his company produced no fewer than 60,000 Gatsby style caps, thanks to Ehrhardt‘s open-mindedness and expertise.

Archival Facts

  • In 2016, continuing their impressively extensive history of giving back to the community, the New Era Foundation was established.
  • Debuting in the 1940s, New Era introduced adjustable, elastic-backed caps.
  • By 1974, at a time when the league numbered a mere 24 teams, with 20 of those professional Major League Baseball teams, New Era established deals.
  • Considered by some to be the perfect hat, it takes 22 pairs of hands and no less than 22 steps to create the 59Fifty cap.
  • After courageously battling cancer, in 2002, David Koch passed away. In honor of his memory, UPMC's "David C. Koch Regional Perfusion Cancer Therapy Center" offers cancer patients the medical care and treatment they need.
  • In reference to the embroidery that New Era included on some of their hats, Val Koch, during the 1960s, coined the term "painting with thread”.
  • In a publication known as the Sporting News, on-field caps were offered to fans for the very first time in 1980, courtesy of a mail order ad.
  • New Era’s first manufacturing plant was located in Buffalo, New York, in a rented back room on Genesee Street. It remained functional until 1932.
  • A new identity was launched by New Era with the introduction of the "flag" logo, in 1997.

Introducing the Kids Star Wars Black New Era K59Fifty Fitted Cap

 The following are specs for the Kids Star Wars Black New Era K59Fifty Fitted cap:

  • New Era flag: White
  • Front logo: Black/white
  • Rear logo: White
  • Under visor: Gray
  • Button: Black
  • Visor: Black
  • Crown: Black
  • Hat material: 100% wool

The Star Wars logo we've all become so familiar with appears on the front of this kids’ fitted cap.

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