Trendy Kids Caps: Kids New York Yankees Navy New Era K9 Fifty Snapback Cap

Posted on January 21 2021

Is your child into sports? Do they like baseball in particular? Now the big question… Do they enjoy wearing a baseball cap? If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, we’d like to familiarize you with the Kids New York Yankees Navy New Era K9 Fifty Snapback Cap.

Below, you will be introduced to the hat itself, why kids today should wear hats, and the relationship between sports and hats. First of all, let's take a closer look at this particular selection of headwear…

New York City, Outside view of Yankee Stadium in Bronx


Kids New York Yankees Navy New Era K9 Fifty Snapback Cap

It's a duo made in heaven – sports and kids. It's the dream of many dads, and some moms, that their child show an interest in sports. Even if it's just watching the games together, athletics can be a bonding experience for parents and their kids.

With all of that in mind, the following are the specs of this New York baseball-themed kids’ hat:

  • Sizes: snapback caps are adjustable thanks to the plastic strap across the back
  • Bartack: Navy
  • Rear logo: white Yankees
  • New Era Flag: Navy
  • Front logo: white (NY logo)
  • Under visor: gray
  • Top button: navy
  • Visor: navy
  • Crown: navy
  • This hat is made from 100% wool

Should Your Child Wear a Hat?

Keeping in mind that many schools today forbid the wearing of hats, while they’re off school grounds it's a good idea for kids to wear hats. Obviously, in cold weather, hats can help your child stay warm. Approximately one third of your body's heat can escape out the top of your head, so trapping that heat keeps your child toasty and better protected against the cold.

But what about when the weather isn't cold? Harmful UV rays from the sun can be partially guarded against by the right kind of headwear. If the weather is hot, a breathable hat is recommended. Protect your child's eyes, face, head, and neck from the beating sun with a hat.

Boys as well as girls, if they sport long hair, may like to tuck their hair up into their hat to get it out of their way. Girls or boys may choose to pull a ponytail through the opening at the back of the hat.

Hats and Baseball

Made from straw, the first baseball caps were worn in 1849, on April 24. The Knickerbockers, from New York, first sported this headwear. Soon enough, however, fine merino wool would be used to construct what would one day become known as baseball caps. They would feature a bill or visor to help protect the players eyes.

Today, there are fitted caps and adjustable caps. Some adjustable caps come with a mesh back to promote breathability. These hats are perfect for summer.

Hat Heaven Carries Kids’ Sports Hats

When it comes to the New York Yankees and kids’ hats, that combination frequently appears in our Hat Heaven selections.

Hat Heaven offers sports logo hats for kids, as well as hats with cartoon characters, catchy sayings, or no logo/design whatsoever. Pick your child's favorite color or go with something neutral. Choose a baseball cap or represent a different sport entirely.

Shop the vast array of children's selections today for your child’s new NY Yankees hat.


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