Trendy Kids Caps: Kids Disney Mickey Mouse Storm Gray Black New Era K59 Fifty Fitted Hat

Posted on January 21 2021

Are your kids fans of Disney and/or Mickey Mouse? Do they like to wear hats? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, we’d like to familiarize you with something your child is bound to fall in love with. Introducing, the Kids Disney Mickey Mouse Storm Gray Black New Era K59 Fifty Fitted Hat.

Below, you will be introduced to the hat itself, as well as a handful of reasons why it's good for children to wear hats today. First of all, let's make a detailed examination of this particular piece of headwear.

Paris,France,July 10th 2010:Detail of the entrance gate in Walt Disney Studios in Paris.

The Kids Disney Mickey Mouse Storm Gray Black New Era K59 Fifty Fitted Hat

It's the perfect, iconic duo – Mickey Mouse and your child. Here are the specs of this highly desirable, baseball style fitted cap.

  • Sizes: 6 3/4, 6 5/8, 6 1/2, and 6 3/8
  • Rear logo: white MICKEY MOUSE
  • New Era Flag: white (on wearer’s left side)
  • Front logo: scarlet/white/black Mickey Mouse cartoon (headshot only)
  • Under visor: gray
  • Top button: black
  • Visor: black
  • Crown: storm gray
  • This hat is made from 100% wool

Why Your Child Should Wear a Hat

If your child is going to spend any time outside, whether it's sunny or cloudy, most parents remember to apply sunscreen. But that may not be enough! For complete protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, hats can go a long way. Guard your child's neck, head, and face from harmful ultraviolet radiation with a sun-safe hat. But what about cold weather?

Hats are important beyond measure when the weather turns cold. The best frigid weather hats cover not only your child's head but their ears as well. Through their heads, 1/3 of your child's body heat is lost. Don't leave your kid out in the cold with the wrong kind of hat this winter.

Is your child one of those whose hair is always in their eyes? Tucking long hair up into a hat is a quick and easy answer in many cases. If they're playing and sweating, it can also help keep them comfortable by keeping wet hair off of their neck face, neck, and shoulders. Consider a hat with a mesh back for the best breathability.

Hat Statistics and Kids

Who wears hats more often? Boys or girls? Did you know that, compared to boys, girls are far less likely to wear a hat? To the tune of 1.6 times less likely, as a matter of fact.

When schoolchildren were observed, sun-safe hats were being worn by less than 7% of attendants. Of course, this may have something to do with the fact that some schools don't allow the wearing of hats.

However, when looking at safety, kids, and hats – at least off school grounds – hats should be seriously considered in any number of circumstances.

Hat Heaven Has Kids’ Hats

Hat Heaven offers Mickey Mouse hats for kids, as well as other hats with cartoon characters, sports logos, catchy sayings, or no logo/design whatsoever. Pick your child's favorite color or go with something neutral to go with almost every outfit.

Shop the vast array of children's selections today for your kid’s new favorite hat.


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