Top Tips To Pack A Hat for A Vacation

Posted on October 14 2019

Whether you're vacationing somewhere that's sunny and warm or cool and breezy, you can't go wrong if you make sure to pack a hat. Depending on what you'll be doing, you will likely want to pack more than just one hat, of course. A hat will be of the utmost importance if you're going somewhere sunny. But it could also come in handy if you run into frequent or occasional rain. A hat might matter even more if you're going somewhere cool or cold.

Okay, we've established that you should definitely pack a hat or two for your next vacation or even your next business trip. How do you pack your hats for your next getaway without damaging the hats themselves? Is there a trick?

Top Tips To Pack A Hat for A Vacation

What Kind of Hat Are You Packing?

There are lots of hats. Whereas baseball caps are relatively easy to pack without worrying about damage, fancier hats can be more difficult. You don't want to drop $60 or more on a beautiful Panama hat only to ruin it on one vacation due to careless packing. Even though some hats can be reshaped, it's good to know how, without completely destroying the hat, to pack it correctly and safely.

Different hats require different packing methods.

Hat Stuffing – Hats With Shapes

Shaped hats can apply to Panama hats, fedoras, trilby, church hats or Kentucky Derby hats, western hats, top hats, and more.

Your hat is a precious object. Cradle it the way it deserves to be cradled. If you must put your hat in your suitcase, in order to maintain its shape, the best advice is to stuff the hat and surround it snuggly with other clothing. In your suitcase, lay your hat upside down. Pack your clothing around it and into it. To stuff the inside, use small items like underwear and socks.

Foldable Hats

Certain caps and hats are designed with the option of laying them flat. Examples of this would be sun hats and bucket hats. They’re perfect for tossing in a beach bag or wearing while sightseeing, hiking, etc. You don't have to worry about it losing its shape when you flatten this canvas hat out.

The rolling method can also apply to this hat. This type of headwear is usually inexpensive and available for $10 and under.

The Baseball Cap

Currently available in numerous styles such as snapback, fitted, dad hats, five panel, and more, today's baseball caps are the go-to headwear for many. Fortunately, they’re also pretty easy to pack. Requiring far less care than a large straw hat, this is a low-stakes option that is cool and sporty. If the bill is flat, and you want to keep it that way, make sure it is placed along the flat surface of your luggage. If the bill is curved, and you want to keep it that way, consider curving around some small clothing and using a rubber band to help it keep its shape.

Don't Pack It!

Of course, if you're really worried about your favorite hat getting ruined in your luggage, you can always wear it or hold it in transit. Let's face it, the room in your suitcase is prime real estate. Having to deal with keeping a hat shaped, safe, and free from harm is going to put a definite crimp in your packing style and space availability.

To make sure that you have a wide selection of hats to pack for your next vacation, do a little shopping at Hat Heaven. We carry numerous styles, colors, logos, or no logos at all. Get the hat that is perfect for the occasion, no matter where you're going or what you're doing.


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