Top Tips To Dressing Young Boys

Posted on January 21 2021

Fashion and kids. Depending on the child in question, they can go hand in hand. Some children, whether they are male or female, are simply into fashion and style. They may know, better than their parents, which colors go together, which hats are being worn by celebrities (Colin Kaepernick enjoys baseball-style New Era San Francisco caps), and which fashions are all the rage. They pay attention, even when we don't think they do. Dressing young boys, in particular, can be fun and easy, if you know your way around kids’ clothing and today's styles.

Don't be afraid to let your child have some input. It encourages creativity and, even early in life, a bit of independence.

Young boy wearing a cap.

Casual Outings

While just playing around, in order to feel comfortable but stylishly cool, there are some basics for boys. Leave the dull clothing behind and think about seasonal colors, for starters.

From teens down to seven or eight-year-olds: Your best choice may well be boys’ jeans for something durable and casual. Pair those jeans up with shirts with patterns and/or checks, trending tees, and more. Over your basic tee, mix-and-match layers. Change things up with cotton trousers.

Six-year-olds down to toddlers: Let's try to keep it to two layers. A pair of jeans or cords coupled with a long sleeve T-shirt will work well in winter. In summer, colorful T-shirts and shorts keep boys stylish and comfortable.

Going to a Wedding?

If you decide to bring your boy with you when you attend a wedding, here are a few tips regarding apparel.

From teens down to seven or eight-year-olds: Particularly if you let your child have a say in dressing up, they can usually carry themselves well in this instance. With a blazer, T-shirt, and pants, let them enjoy a semi formal look. In a softer fabric, you may want to experiment with a waistcoat, straight pants, and a shirt.

Six-year-olds down to toddlers: Rather than waistcoats and coats, give your boy some comfort and space. Let them experiment with blazers, trousers, and formal shirts. Rather than long ties, give them a bowtie. Do away with the tie altogether and sport suspenders for something fun but still dressy.

Traveling and Vacations

Above all else, keep in mind the weather that is common in the area into which you are traveling. For all age groups, acceptable options include a T-shirt with denim, trackies, joggers, and cargo pants.

From teens down to seven or eight-year-olds: For summer vacations, dress bright and happy. During winter holidays, add a bit of layering and style. Consider adding some jackets/blazers in blue, red, or yellow over a shirt.

Six-year-olds down to toddlers: Comfy T-shirts and shorts are winners here. If you're on vacation where it's warm, bright colors go nicely. Mix brights and gray tones to take it up a notch during winter holidays.

Boys and Hats

Hats are one of those awesome accessories that are multi-functional. They can help keep kids warm or, at the other end of the spectrum, keep the sun out of their eyes and off their neck, face, and head. They come in colors that can match an outfit or in neutral colors to go with anything.

It's a fact. Many boys absolutely love wearing caps (or hats of some kind). Boys are, in fact, more likely to wear hats than are girls, even in today's society.

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