Top Tips For Determining A Genuine New Era Cap

Posted on April 25 2019

A genuine New Era cap comes from a company that was established in 1920. It was the company responsible for the creation of the first caps of their kind to be worn by Major League Baseball Players as the official on-field headwear. But that was only the beginning. Now, almost every major sports league has worn or is wearing New Era hats as their official headwear. This includes Minor-League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, National Football League, and other worldwide professional sports leagues.

Top Tips For Determining A Genuine New Era Cap

How to Tell New Era Caps From Others

Due to the increase in popularity of New Era hats, an increasing number of knockoffs have appeared. If you care enough to buy New Era, you certainly don't want to get stuck with a fake.

There are distinguishing features exclusive to New Era caps. These are as follows:

  • On the back of team hats you will find the league logo.
  • There is a big black sticker on the NFL and MLB field hats.
  • You will see the NE® Logo button backing on MLB on-field hats.
  • There is a rectangular holographic sticker on the MLB on-field hats.
  • All team caps come with the silver holographic sticker.
  • On all New Era caps there is a New Era sizing sticker.
  • There is a stitched-in tag on the inside of all New Era caps.
  • On all New Era caps there is an inner stitching or inside lining tape.
  • On the left side of the cap you will find the NE® Logo but note that sometimes, there will be a side patch in the absence of the NE® Logo for MLB Throwbacks.

New Era Caps – Styles and Sizes

The 59FIFTY New Era hat (New Era’s best-known fitted cap) and the 9FIFTY both have a flat brim and structure crown. Over the years, the snapback 9FIFTY has become exceedingly popular, though back in the early 2000's, hip-hop artists made the 59FIFTY all the rage. As you can probably tell by the snapback style, its backing is adjustable. Fitting almost any head, the 9FIFTY comes in only a couple of actual sizes. The 59FIFTY hats, being fitted caps, come in a larger selection of sizes.

There are also styles known as the 9TWENTY and the 9FORTY. A nice mixture of the 9FIFTY and the 9THIRTY, the 9FORTY is adjustable with a pre-curved visor and a low profile structured crown. With Velcro, strap back, and snapback closure types, it is an adjustable back as opposed to a stretch fit, closed back band. Velcro backs are popular with classic team hats but all 9FORTYs should fit most heads.

A relaxed fit hat style, the 9TWENTY is a low profile, unstructured, adjustable hat. Unlike the firmer 9FORTY, the 9TWENTY is soft. There is only one size. Again, the Velcro, strap back, or snapback closure type is adjustable. You may hear this cap referred to as the "dad hat". One of the coolest things about the 9TWENTY style is that you can roll it up and stuff it in your pocket without worrying about whether or not it will lose its shape.

If you're not sure what style New Era cap best suits you, it's better to try on the various selections before making up your mind. Some hats are better suited to certain heads and lifestyles. Whatever New Era hat you choose, rest assured, Hat Heaven has what you're looking for. Peruse our impressive selection today to find the perfect cap.


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