Top Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Caps

Posted on April 09 2019

Do you have a favorite cap or two? Hats that you wear every day? The only caps that look and feel great on you? Unfortunately, they’re starting to show age and soil. So now what? How do you go about cleaning and maintaining your caps without destroying them? If you follow these tips, cleaning and maintaining your caps will be simple.

Top Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Caps

Step One

First, check to be sure that the colors of your cap won’t run. To do that, take a wet cloth and gently rub it across an inconspicuous corner – maybe on the back. Do you see any of the color transferred to the cloth? If so, use a dilution of vinegar and water for the next step. If not, then you’re good to go.

Step Two

The next best step is to spot clean your cap. Simply fill the sink with warm water and add just a dash of vinegar. That will help set the colors. Use cold water if the cap is wool.

Step Three

Dip the cap completely into the sink of lukewarm water. Remember, if your cap is wool, and not cotton, you need to use cold water instead. Many times, stains are worst along the inner headband across the forehead area. Use a soft, wet cloth with a tiny bit of laundry detergent on it and lightly rub the stains. Do NOT use bleach! Rinse the hat in the sink, making sure all the soap is gone. Repeat if necessary.

Final Steps

Place the damp caps flat (as if it’s on your head) on a surface away from direct sunlight or a heat source. This will keep the color from fading. It may take 24 hours for everything to dry. Every couple of hours, put the cap on for about five minutes to keep it from shrinking.

Once the cap is dry, use a soft bristled brush to brush away any leftover lint or dirt. To keep your caps looking their best, use a stain guard and/or waterproofing spray. There are several manufacturers of these kinds of sprays and they can be found at multiple stores. This is the best way for cleaning and maintaining your caps to keep them looking their best.

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