Top Reasons To Get Yourself A Trucker Hat

Posted on January 21 2021

When the words “trucker hat” are mentioned, what comes to mind? Rural workers? Farmers, maybe truckers? What should come to mind these days is style. It's true. Whether wearing it for comfort or for its usefulness, today's trucker hats are being referred to as stylish. Every now and again, throw on a great trucker hat and men, women, boys, and girls, can be ready for a day of just about anything.

But why is that? What's the attraction? Before we explore trucker hats and why they are stylish, let's look at their background.

Young attractive woman in jeans jacket, shorts, red top and trucker hat posing over metal fence

The History of Trucker Caps

Trucker hats or trucker caps were originally promoted by American companies to rural workers. For the communities they served, these companies promoted their services through the use of mesh hats that were ideal for the job at hand. Think John Deere. Throughout the country, at least for rural workers, they became a type of uniform and definitely a staple. They soaked up sweat, provided protection from the sun, had a breathable mesh back, and a foam front with a long peak. In combination, these features worked perfectly.

Today, not only on the farm but on college campuses, at high schools, in shopping malls, and more, the trucker hat has emerged into the 21st century as stylish and trendy. The reasons why they are popular are the very reasons you should have at least one in your repertoire.


If you want to stay cool and be protected from the sun, whether you’re running, walking, or just hanging out with a cup of coffee, versatile trucker hats are perfect. Having a bad hair day? Looking sweaty and beat down after a hard workout? A trucker hat could be the answer.

Increase Your Photogenic Qualities

Believe it or not, you can make or break a photo with the right hat. A trucker hat could be just what you need to achieve the perfect look for your next photo opportunity. Get yourself an awe-inspiring background, throw on the right clothing, and top it off with a trucker hat to influence your next Instagram source of reactions and "likes".

But Are They Unique? Yes!

You may not think there is anything unique about a trucker hat. It is what it is. But the way you decorate your trucker hat can make it stand out from all the rest. Perhaps there is a cartoon character or some other symbolic image that you associate yourself with. Get it embossed or embroidered on the front of your trucker hat. What about team logos? Yes, they are also available on trucker hats. Are you a hunter? These hats are also available in camouflage. (Or maybe blaze orange.) What could be better?

Cool As Cool Can Be

It's true! Trucker hats are cool. They perform admirably thanks to their functionality. For breathability, the mesh back is perfect. Cool air can enter while hot air escapes away from your head. If you're used to wearing a fitted cap made from polyester or wool, you will appreciate this aspect even more.

For Trucker Hats and More

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