Top Kbethos Baseball Caps In 2019

Posted on August 10 2020

In the heart of New York City, in a small showroom, Kbethos would eventually be established by a firm that started in 2001 as K&B Trading Corporation. With importing experience and headwear manufacturing spanning 20 years, it now has its second location in New York's Port Washington.

Top Kbethos Baseball Caps In 2019

Through the years, they've excelled in the headwear industry and defined themselves through the creation of KBETHOS – their own brand. They boast unbeatable value and the highest quality headwear. For those wishing to “build their own”, the company specializes in offering blank hats of the highest quality. Across the country, retailers receive trending designs from K&B Trading Corporation.

With all of that said, let's take a look at some of the top rated Kbethos hats in 2019.

Top 10 Kbethos Baseball Caps

From number 10 up to the glorious position of number one, here are the top 10 rated hats from Kbethos:

  • Distressed Dad Hat (black) – Indianhead Vintage Baseball Cap (rated 7 out of 10)
  • (Black) Adjustable Cadet G.I. Hat – Pure Cotton Twill (7.4 out of 10)
  • (Adjustable) Baseball Polo Style – Henry Bottle Unconstructed Dad Hat (rated 7.6 of 10)
  • Distressed "Daddy" Dad Hat (black) – Vintage Baseball Cap (rated 8.2 of 10)
  • Distressed "Rose" Dad Hat (black) – Vintage Polo Style Baseball (rated 8.4 out of 10)
  • Distressed "Fist" Dad Hat (black) – Pool Style Baseball Cap (rated 8.7 out of 10)
  • (Black) USA Army Military USA Flag Patch Tactical Operator Cap (9.0 out of 10)
  • Camouflage Blanket Baseball Cap– Cotton Snapback Solid (9.2 out of 10)
  • Adjustable Mesh DBL Ponytail – Trucker Messy High Bun Hat (9.4 out of 10)
  • Distressed Dad Hat – Vintage Washed Baseball Cap (9.8 out of 10)

A Rose by Any Other Name

Let's take a closer look at a particular favorite of those listed above to give you a better idea of what you’re getting when you purchase it.

Distressed "Rose" Dad Hat (black) – Though this hat rates about in the middle of the pack, it seems to be  exceedingly popular among certain individuals. Maybe it's the rose. The features of this hat include the following:

  • Vintage distressed hat with red rose embroidery design
  • 100% cotton, high-quality
  • Comfortable everyday fit, one-size-fits-most, adjustable
  • Classic style baseball dad hat in unconstructive polo style
  • Available at Hat Heaven in various colors

Dad Hats

You may have noticed a pattern above when you were reading the top 10 list. Dad hats (more accurately, distressed dad hats) are kind of a big deal. So, what is a dad hat? As you can see by the picture when you click here, the word distressed fits in very nicely with the style of this baseball cap. It looks like it's seen better days, but that's the point. Dad himself has probably seen a few better days!

Technically speaking, a baseball cap that is referred to as a dad hat is cotton or canvas, the brim is curved slightly (but not too much), and on the head of anyone smaller than a dad, it may appear a tad oversized. But it fits Dad just fine!

Dad Hats And Beyond!

At Hat Heaven we carry Kbethos hats and a number of other well-known brands. We have more dad hats than one can possibly even imagine in various sizes, with sports logos, with picture patches, with no logos, etc. If you're looking for a dad hat don't shop anywhere else until you stop in and peruse our impressive selection.


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