Top 2019 Baseball Cap Brands

Posted on August 07 2019

If you think that the stock market experiences highs and lows, that's nothing compared to the reputation and popularity of baseball caps. Today's celebrity disguise of choice is the same type of hat that was worn by delinquent teenage terrors in the 90s.

Baseball caps brands come and go, but the best ones always somehow manage to stay relevant. They make changes here and there, but always keep enough of their old school caps in stock for their tried-and-true fans. Let's take a closer look at baseball caps and their makers.Top 2019 Baseball Cap Brands

Still Here After All These Years

Generation after generation, an essential position has been held in the area of men's wardrobes by baseball caps – regardless of good press or bad press. Just how many generations? The year 1860 is the official date of birth for the baseball cap.

The first original baseball cap was worn by the Brooklyn Excelsior's amateur baseball team. It had one purpose – keep the sun out of the eyes of the players. It had a button on the crown and – quite the departure from the style of the era – a long peaked cap. Also included in the caps were some material, from within, that stiffened the cap added structure. This was composed of a latex material and came into vogue in the 1940s.

Baseball Caps Hit a Homerun

Since those initial creations, baseball caps have found a place in the Armed Forces, with various subcultures, and have been played with by numerous designers.

When it comes to the general public wearing baseball caps, it must be done with precision. Much attention is paid to how you wear your cap, when you wear it, the color, the condition that it is in, and so on. A generally accepted rule of thumb is to keep your baseball cap:

  • … Simple
  • … Clean
  • … No or little branding
  • … Low-key – nothing too loud

If you want a cap that you can wear with almost anything, particularly workable are khaki, black, gray, and navies. Not only do they go with almost any outfit, they work well with most complexions.

There’s More to Your Cap Than Just Color

Material and shape factor in as well. Standard cotton is the go-to material. The shape of your head matters, too. A cap with five panels or curves tends to be on the forgiving side when, perhaps, a New Era flat peak cap doesn't necessarily fit your skull.

Which Brands For 2019?

Finally, let's get to this year's most popular brands and their best caps:

  • Le Peak Baseball Cap – Les Basics
  • Pink Baseball Cap – Wood Wood
  • Stanley Miller Printed Shell Baseball Cap – Saturday's NYC
  • Yellow Copenhagen Baseball Cap – River Island
  • Smooth Stock Strapback Cap – Stussy
  • Swoosh Baseball Cap – Nike
  • New York Yankee Baseball Cap – New Era
  • Classic Embroidered Baseball Cap – Stone Island
  • Polo Cotton Twill Baseball Cap – Ralph Lauren
  • WIP Backley Cap – Carhartt

Hat Heaven has caps of all kinds and numerous brands. Some of the brands we carry consist of Field Grade, KBEthos, 47 Brand, Mitchell and Ness, and New Era. Looking for different colors? Look no further than Hat Heaven. What about logos? We have throwback logos and modern logos from many sports teams.

Don't wait one more day to peruse our impressive inventory. You're bound to find your new favorite baseball cap.


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