Top 10 NFL Facts You Should Know

Posted on December 05 2019

Are you a big football fan? The biggest? Do you love trivia, too? Here are some intriguing facts about the NFL that many people may not know. Be the most interesting person in the room at the next party you attend. Try to weave these ten NFL tidbits into the conversation.


The Time of Actual Play

Believe it or not, although there are four quarters of 15 minutes each in a regulation NFL game, the total  of actual playing time during a game is only about 11 minutes. The rest of the three hours is filled with huddles, timeouts, halftime, setting up at the line of scrimmage, etc.

Where Footballs are Made

NFL footballs used at every game are made at a factory in Ohio. The Wilson Factory is located in a small town (population 6,000) called Ada. All footballs are checked before every game to ensure they are the same size, shape, and weight.

One Team Has Never Changed

The NFL (National Football League) was originally called the American Professional Football Association in 1922. Since then, every team in the league has either moved to a new city, changed their name, or both. Except for one - the Chicago Bears!

This Team Doesn’t Play in Their Own City

There’s one team that hasn’t played a game in their own city since 1971. The Dallas Cowboys don’t play in Dallas, Texas – their stadium is in Arlington.

One Team is a Public Corporation

Every team but one has a single owner or group of owners. This one is registered as a public corporation – and it’s the Green Bay Packers. They’re owned by hundreds of people in Wisconsin and across the US.

Logos on Helmets

In the early years of football, none of the teams had special logos on their uniforms. That is, until the St. Louis Rams added theirs to the players’ helmets. It looked so great that every other team followed suit.

Making History

Here’s an interesting fact: Did you know that there’s one man who has played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series? His name is Deion Sanders. He’s played both professional football and professional baseball.

Sad but True

Unfortunately, nearly 78% of all NFL players declare bankruptcy just 2 years after retiring from football and ending their careers. It seems to be becoming the norm.

A Poetic Name

Did you know that the Baltimore Ravens weren’t named after the species of bird, per se? The name comes from Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, The Raven. Although he was born in Boston, Poe spent much of his adult life in Baltimore and is buried there. Nevermore!

The Original Use for the Huddle

Despite being deaf, there was a great quarterback who invented the huddle. Paul D. Hubbard played football at Gallaudet University from 1892 to 1895. He used the huddle to confuse the other team so they wouldn’t see the sign language signals he was sending to his fellow deaf players.

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