There Are Dad Hats To Suit Any Style!

Posted on October 14 2019

Men don't have to be dads to wear dad hats. It's simply a style of cap that has become exceedingly popular as of late. It is proof, yet again, that something once thought to be uncool and marginally dorky can do a complete 180 to become the latest, greatest, must-have fashion accessory of our time. Such is the story behind the dad hat or dad cap.

What Is a Dad Hat?

In short – the dad hat is a baseball cap. Well, you may think, there are lots of baseball caps out there. What makes a dad hat so special? The cap’s unlikely "attractive" characteristics end up being its marginally ill-fitted, slightly tattered look! Included in the dad hat collection can be low-profile, fitted, strapback, or snapback caps. Other distinguishing features of the dad hat include its low-profile, curved bill, and slightly loose fit.

There Are Dad Hats To Suit Any Style!

Picking the Right Dad Hat

How do you pick the perfect style for your head? In truth, it's a matter of fit and material, as well as personal taste. These caps are manufactured using various fabrics including nylon, polyester, suede, leather, wool, and cotton. Nylon and cotton are lightweight textures that, in hot weather, can help keep you cool – particularly if you're active. In cold weather, to keep you warm, suede or wool can be used as they are thicker textiles.

Snapback Caps and More

Within the dad cap clan, the most popular hats are fitted, strapback, and snapback. They require little explanation as far as their differences or styles go. It's all in the name.

The term "snapback" is must-know terminology in the hat world today. It refers to the strap around the back of the cap. Rather than being a solid piece of material, it is made of plastic with holes which allow the cap to be sized and snapped into the appropriate fit for the person wearing it.

Still on the adjustable end of the spectrum, caps referred to as strapback, rather than a strip of plastic snaps, have an adjustable cloth strap.

Finally, with no straps or snaps, is the fitted baseball cap. These fit precisely or they don't! Before choosing your hat, you should measure your hat size for the best fit.

It's Important to Have Fun

Have a good time with your dad hat. It's about comfortable function not glamour and being ostentatious. Pick a hat or two with an unexpected finish and quirky stylishness, if you like. Your style – your personal style – should show through in the cap you choose.

Top Dad Cap Choices

The following are the top choices when it comes to dad hats:

  • Polyester
  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Cotton

As suggested earlier, the weather could have a lot to do with your choice. If you're a leather kind of a guy, you will probably prefer a leather or suede dad hat. If you're looking to keep your cool, cotton can be your best friend and wisest style choice.

Hat Heaven is the place to go for dad hats. Of course, we carry snapbacks, trucker caps, five panel, and more, as well. But if you're looking for your new favorite dad hat, search no further. At Hat Heaven we've got you covered – literally.


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