The Right Way to Clean a White Baseball Cap

Posted on March 06 2020

You might own any number of caps, but that white baseball cap is, far and wide, your favorite. There's just something about a pristine hat – be it wool, cotton, or something else – that always makes you feel and look sharp. Unfortunately, white hats get dirty faster than any other color known to mankind. But what can you do?

Well, first things first – anytime you clean any kind of hat, you must proceed with caution. Keep that first and foremost in your mind. Additionally, because the slightest damage, stain, and spot are so easily detected on white hats, you want to do everything in your power to avoid them whenever possible. Worst-case scenario, however, let's take a look at what to if your white hat does become stained or spotted.

The Right Way to Clean a White Baseball Cap

Stop – Look Carefully!

The life of your hat depends on you stopping – before plunging it into a soap and water mix – and taking the time to look for washing/cleaning directions and other labels. Just like you might, before purchasing and devouring something off-the-shelf of a grocery store, read the ingredients label, read the label on your hat. Directions for how to best care for it could be as close as your fingertips.

Follow the washing instructions and check the material. If a cardboard visor is part of your old baseball cap, special care will be needed. Washable materials, such as plastic brims, are common in today’s newer caps, however.

Let the professionals handle it and take it to the dry cleaner if the label clearly states, "dry clean only". They're not kidding.

To Bleach or Not to Bleach

In a nutshell, the answer here is… No! This remains the same whether you're throwing your hat in a wash machine, doing a little spot cleaning, or thoroughly washing it by hand. Bleach is an absolute no-no. Why? Rather than removing a stain, it could actually create a worse one. Additionally, aside from discoloration, the material of your hat may disintegrate as a result of bleaching.

Dishwashers Are for Dishes

It's been advertised that an easy and safe option, when it comes to cleaning hats, is to place them on the top rack of the dishwasher. However, the hot drying cycles and uber hot water from these high-intensity machines can shrink, misshape, and discolor the fabric of your hat. Not to mention, bleach is included in many dishwater detergents. So, you can see where this is not the best idea.

Time to Wash That Hat

You'll need a toothbrush (or some other soft bristled brush), OxiClean Revive (or a scoop of baking soda), 1 tablespoon of Woolite (or a gentle laundry detergent or non-bleach dish liquid), and one cup of hydrogen peroxide.

Synthetic, cotton blend, or cotton hats:

  • With warm water, fill a large bowl or a sink. Add the OxiClean, detergent, and hydrogen peroxide while it's filling. Mix it up.
  • (Use Woolite and cool water for wool hats)
  • Synthetic and cotton hats can soak in this solution for up to 30 minutes. (An hour or so for the wool hats in their own solution.)
  • Scrub away grime, sweat stains, etc. with the soft bristled brush. (Follow the nap with wool hats.)
  • With the same appropriate temperature water, rinse out all cleaning solution. With a clean towel, dab away excess moisture. In a well-ventilated area, allow the hat to air dry on a dry, clean towel.

Spot cleaning can be done in basically the same manner without immersing the hat into a full bowl or sink. Thoroughly rinse any spot-cleaned areas before allowing to air dry.

Some hats can be machine washed as long as cold water, a mesh laundry bag, and/or the delicate cycle is used. You may wish to pretreat stains. Always be sure, if your hat has colored stitching or print, that a color safe stain remover is used.

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