The Best Snapback Hats To Do The Talking for You

Posted on June 05 2020

Snapback hats can be seen on the heads of men and women in this day and age. They can be cute, sexy, high-class, professional looking, sporty, and so much more.

After Tyga and Chris Brown brought snapbacks back in style, manufacturers had one heck of a time keeping up with orders. It wasn't the first time that these types of hats were in style, however. But, this time around, snapbacks were here to stay. In their music videos, as well, the structured caps were featured by artists such as Mac Miller and Kanye West.

The Best Snapback Hats To Do The Talking for You

Actually, what's not to love about these hats? Their adjustable flexibility and the fact that they can be placed on even hard to fit heads make them a staple in the closet and in the dresser drawers of many.

Also popular for their adjustability are strapbacks. The adjustable part of this hat is made, ordinarily, of either polyband or leather.

Wearing the right snapback can help you make a statement.

Wearing Your Hat Backwards

Depending on whom you talk to, this could be considered a fashion faux pas. On the other hand, it has its place. Aside from some decidedly crass innuendos associated with wearing your cap backwards, which we will not go into here (check the Urban Dictionary if you're really curious), it can say any number of things:

  • I'm working hard. I have to get in close and the bill gets in my way.
  • I'm serious now. No nonsense!
  • I'm a baseball catcher and I don't want the bill getting in the way of my mask. Ken Griffey Junior and other baseball players started wearing their caps backwards, originally (according to some reports). It caught on after that.
  • I like wearing a baseball cap and it feels comfortable to wear it this way. Got a problem with that?

The Feminine Touch – So to Speak

Ladies in particular like wearing snapbacks just like guys do. If they have long hair, they may choose to thread a ponytail through the hole in the back of the hat. They may also braid their hair (or put it in pigtails) and wear it (or them) down the side(s) with the cap facing forward. This look pretty much says that your cute, you’re casual, and you’re fun.

Men who like sporting long hair with a ponytail may choose to wear the ponytail beginning at the bottom of the cap, rather than threading it through the hole in the back (less feminine?). They may also choose to leave their hair loose and flowing with the hat, once again, facing forward.

Though a mid-length cut is currently fashionable for a male (with long hair trying to make another a comeback), some men simply insist on wearing it long. They like it. It very much says that, regardless of style, "I like what I like. It suits me."

What's That on Your Hat?

Snapbacks come with a seemingly unlimited choice of front patch/logo/emblem. If you want to tell everybody you're a sports fan and which team you cheer for, their logo on the front of your hat will leave little doubt as to who you're rooting for.

If you want to tell everyone that you’re fun and maybe a little silly, there are numerous cartoon characters to choose from for the front of your snapback. Also enjoyable and entertaining are the many sayings or phrases (or single word options) available for the front of your hat. Slap one of these on your head in you’re likely out to have a good time.

Snapbacks Galore! 

At Hat Heaven, we carry the snapback hat you've been searching for – regardless of hairstyle, gender, sports team affiliation, favorite cartoon character, or the type of music you prefer. Hide a bad hair day, kick your favorite suit up a notch, or just relax and enjoy with your favorite new baseball cap. Shop at Hat Heaven today!


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