The Best Colors For Each Hair Color

Posted on January 21 2021

The right accessories and clothing have everything to do with fashion sense. The wrong or right color of headwear can make or break your look. With the right hat, you will appear presentable and smart whether you're going to a party, fashion event, the beach, or somewhere else. But, your personal tone, the shape of your face, your hair color, and more, can influence what would be considered your best cap colors.

Just to be safe, you may decide to go with a black hat. You may feel that others are simply too bright, or you’re unsure of good color combinations. But wouldn't be nice to be able to brighten up an occasion with the right colored hat? Here are some tips where hat and hair colors are concerned.

The Best Colors For Each Hair Color

Blonde Hair

There are variety of colors for those with blonde hair. These can include deep red, gray, dark green, or brown hats. Your sense of fashion will be accentuated with the right color and you'll stand out. Don't bring down your look with beige or yellow hats. Accentuate that lovely blonde hair with the colors just mentioned.

Black Hair or Red Hair

Purple hats or blue hats are good for people that have black hair. Coral also goes nicely with black hair. It can help brighten your look.

Purple and blue hats look good on red hair as well. It's not too much color, so it brings elegance to the forefront. Your look will be awesome, and your hair’s red coloring may be toned down some. Less desirable choices can include orange or red hats.

Gray Hair

Gray, pink, and green are good hat colors for people with gray hair. Consider, as well, your hair color’s shade. Light gray hats look good on dark gray hair, and vice versa. Tan and light brown don't necessarily go well with gray hair, however.

Brunette/Brown Hair

The best hat colors for brunettes include pink, light red, light gray, and light green. These attractive colors will add a lot of style to your look, promoting elegance and class. Try to stay away from brown hats.

Remember This…

Starting with the color of your hair, choosing the right hat color is not a complicated process. As mentioned above, with everything you wear and most any hair color, black is always a good fallback plan. It's an easy decision and makes any number of people feel comfortable.

But on occasion, brighten up your surroundings and explore a little. If you're not into colors, consider a white hat on occasion, rather than black. You can look calm and cool donning a white hat.

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