The Best Baseball Cap For Each Face Shape

Posted on December 06 2020

Though wearing a baseball cap has been done by the majority of the population, there are those who think they just don't look good in one. If that's truly what they believe, you're not likely to change their mind. On the other hand, you might be able to convince them that certain face shapes work better with specific types of baseball caps. There's a balance that must be achieved in order for a hat to perfectly suit the person, face, outfit, etc. Size can have everything to do with it. It's a bit of a Goldilocks predicament where the visor of the hat is concerned: not too small, not too big – just right. The crown size is equally important.

In an effort to help those still of the opinion that baseball caps simply aren't flattering where they're concerned, let's take a look at the types of hats that go best with certain face shapes.


For People with Square Faces

How do you know if you have a square face? Typically, these types of faces are represented by equal portions of jawline, cheekbones, and forehead. Hats with curvilinear lines and softer shapes can soften your features.

  • Hat types: Unstructured caps with high to low crowns and curved visors.
  • Specific caps: Sport caps/snapbacks/dad hats.
  • Hats to stay away from: Those with wide, flat visors; angular hats.

Long Faces

Tall hats aren't very flattering for people with long faces because they accentuate and elongate the shape. Cover more of your forehead with a deeper crown to cut face length.

  • Hat types: Low to mid crowns; curved, short visors.
  • Specific caps: Sports caps/dad hats.
  • Hats to stay away from: Those with flat visors and tall crowns.

Round Faces

Round-shaped faces tend to have rounded cheeks and be more equal in length and width. Hats with higher crows and harder angles look better with round faces, creating a better balance.

  • Hat types: Structured hats with flat visors, high to mid crowns, and sharp lines.
  • Specific caps: Sport caps/snapbacks.
  • Hats to stay away from: Hats with low crowns and those which are unstructured.

Heart-Shaped Faces

This type of face typically features a narrow jaw with wide cheekbones and forehead. In terms of hat selection, the heart-shaped face is extremely versatile. Keep in mind, however, that too-large crowns and visors should be avoided.

  • Hat types: Low to mid crowns and curved visors.
  • Specific caps: Sports caps/dad hats.
  • Hats to stay away from: Those with flats, wide visors and angled crowns.

Oval Faces

This is the round face but in a slightly longer version. The width of the face is exceeded by its length, while the chin and forehead are rounded. This face shape is the absolute luckiest where hat selection is concerned. Anything goes!

No matter what face shape you have, Hat Heaven has the perfect baseball cap to complete your look. We carry styles from dad hats to snapbacks come and everything in between. Shop from the comfort of your home today.


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