Team Spotlight: Miami Marlins

Posted on November 05 2020

An NL (National League) team – and member of the MLB (Major League Baseball) – the Miami Marlins, not surprisingly, call Miami, Florida home. They currently have two World Series championships (2003 and 1997) and two NL pennants to their name.

Team Spotlight Miami Marlins

Their insignia consists of a Marlin fish with a giant M. The team logo is similar with the same marlin fish, but Miami spelled out. From 1993 until present, they have been members of the East Division. Team colors for the Miami Marlins consist of slate gray, Caliente red, Miami blue, and midnight black.

You may also hear this team called "The Fish".

Many MLB teams have been referred to by numerous official names since their creation, but this team has only been known by a couple of monikers:

  • From 1993 until 2011 – Florida Marlins
  • From 2012 until present day – Miami Marlins

Titles Achieved in the Major-League

The following are achievements by the Miami Marlins:

  • Wildcard births – 2020, 2003, and 1997 (coincidentally, these also led to their three playoff appearances)
  • NL pennants – 2003 and 1997
  • World Series titles – 2003 and 1997 (as referred to earlier)

Two MLB franchises in history have failed to win division titles – the Colorado Rockies and the Marlins. They were, however, the second youngest expansion team to win the championship and the first team to win the World Series as a wildcard. Quite the accomplishments!

Different from Other Teams

If you're wondering why there aren't a lot of home-field changes, official names, etc. – as opposed to most other teams – it could be because the Miami Marlins only began playing in 1993 as an expansion team (as the Florida Marlins). They originally shared their stadium with NFL (National Football League) team The Miami Dolphins. That was Joe Robbie Stadium. They moved to Marlins Park in 2012.

Retired Numbers and Baseball Hall Of Famers

One might think that because they haven't been in existence as long as other MLB teams, they wouldn't have retired numbers and players in the Hall of Fame. Quite the contrary.

Numbers retired by the Miami Marlins consist of just one: Jackie Robinson – number 42 – in 1997.

There is, however, more than one Hall of Famer:

  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • Tim Raines
  • Mike Piazza
  • Tony Perez
  • Trevor Hoffman
  • Andre Dawson

There is also the Florida Sports Hall Of Fame, to which the following players belong:

  • Andre Dawson – number 8 – 1995 to 1996 tenure
  • Tim Raines – numbers 30 and 32 – 2002 tenure
  • Jeff Conine – numbers 18 and 19 – 2003 to 2005 and 1993 to 1997 tenure
  • Gary Sheffield – number 10 – 1993 to 1998 tenure
  • Owner Wayne Huizenga – 1993 to 1998 tenure

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