Team Spotlight: Los Angeles Lakers

Posted on June 05 2019

Based in Los Angeles, the Lakers are members of the National Basketball Association’s Pacific Division, Western Conference. When playing at home, the team shares the Staples Center with the LA Sparks of the Women’s National Basketball Association, NHL’s LA Kings, and NBA’s LA Clippers. The Los Angeles Lakers have won 16 championships, a record second only to the Boston Celtics, and have had some of the best players in the NBA. But what do you know about their history? Read on to learn more.

Team Spotlight: Los Angeles Lakers

The Beginning

The Lakers had a bit of a journey before finally settling in Los Angeles. In 1947, the franchise began with the acquisition of a disbanded team from Detroit – The Gems. The new team changed their name to the Lakers and played in Minneapolis until 1960. There, they would win the National Basketball League’s championship in 1948. Joining the competitor, the Basketball Association of America, the following year, the Lakers went on to win the next five out of six championships. When the team began to struggle financially, there was a fight over whether they would move to Kansas City. However, they moved to Los Angeles prior to the 1960-61 season instead and joined the newly formed National Basketball Association.

Over the next eight years, the Lakers went to the NBA finals six times but always lost to the Boston Celtics. However, in 1968, Wilt Chamberlain was added to the roster, as well as a new head coach, Bill Sharman. They won their first NBA championship in Los Angeles in 1972. After Chamberlain and Jerry West retired in 1973, the Lakers then signed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Then, in the ‘79 NBA draft, the Los Angeles Lakers signed Magic Johnson, the 6-foot 9-inch point guard from Michigan State. Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, this team was unstoppable. But then came the ‘90s and for the next five years, the Lakers hit a dry spell.

In 1996, the Lakers signed both Kobe Bryant and free agent Shaquille O’Neal. From the mid-90s to today, the Los Angeles Lakers continued their up and down pattern, rebuilding seasons, dealing with players’ injuries, coaching departures, yet still bringing on some of the best players in the league and losing others. Players like Karl Malone, Rick Fox, Lamar Odom, Dwight Howard, D’Angelo Russell, and LeBron James thrilled cheering fans with their abilities.

The Team Logo

Originally playing in Minneapolis, the Los Angeles Laker’s name derives from the state of Minnesota’s motto “the Land of 10,000 Lakes”. The team colors are white, purple, and gold – which is also the colors of the Minnesota Vikings football team. The logo is very simple, with the purple words "Los Angeles Lakers" written across a basketball in gold. Incidentally, in 2010, they had the most popular team merchandise, above all the others in the NBA.


Who do you think is the best Laker of all time? Is it Wilt Chamberlain? Or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? What about Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, D’Angelo Russell, or Karl Malone? And who could forget Dennis Rodman? The Lakers were, and continue to be, an amazing team with outstanding players.

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