Team Spotlight: Chicago Bulls

Posted on April 04 2019

Based in Chicago, the Bulls are members of the National Basketball Association’s Central Division, Eastern Conference. When playing at home, the team shares an arena with the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks. Without a doubt, the Chicago Bulls have had some of the best players in the NBA – but what do you know about their history? Read on to learn more.

Team Spotlight: Chicago Bulls

The Beginning

Dick Klein founded the Chicago Bulls basketball team in 1966. In the early years, he served as their President and General Manager. In 1967, the team had the best record by an expansion league in NBA history. The Bulls qualified for the playoffs in their very first season - the only NBA team to ever do so.

Klein wanted a name that suggested Chicago's traditional meat packing industry and stock yards. He considered names like The Toreadors or The Matadors but finally decided that no team with three syllables ever had much success… so he chose The Bulls.

In addition, the Bulls’ logo is regarded as one of the most iconic sports logos in history. It’s the face of a fierce red bull with blood tipped horns and the words “Chicago Bulls” above in black uppercase letters. It was designed by Dean Wessel, a noted graphic and commercial designer, and dates to 1966. It’s the only original NBA logo to still be used today. The bull logo has stood the test of time and continues to be a classic.

The Jordan Years

In the summer of 1984, the Bulls drafted Michael Jordan. The new owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, and general manager, Jerry Krause, decided to build their team around the new guy. During his rookie year, Jordan set franchise records and led the team to the playoffs. Although they lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, Jordan was awarded the NBA Rookie of the Year. He led the team to win the finals in 1991, 1992, and 1993.

The first time Michael Jordan retired was in 1993. He surprised the sports world by signing to play for the Chicago White Sox. Although he played well in Double A minor league baseball, he returned to the Bulls in 1996. He then, yet again, led his team to another three-peat by winning the NBA championships in 1996, 1997, and 1998. The champions were led by Hall of Famers Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. Jordan retired at the end of the 1998 season, this time for good.


People who love the Bulls, both past and present, will argue over who they think is the best player of all time. Is it Jordan? Or Scottie Pippen? What about Dwayne Wade? And don’t forget about Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. The Bulls were, and are, a powerhouse with someone for everyone to love.

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