Style Your Daughter Up With These Fashion Ideas

Posted on September 04 2020

With many little girls, you don't usually get a lot of fight when it comes to dressing up. If, however, she decides that she doesn’t wants to dress like her fashionista mom, it can get a bit difficult, to say the least. To kick your daughter’s fashion sense up a notch, we’re going to take a look at some tips on kid’s fashion. After reading through the following ideas, you'll be able to style your daughter up with little effort.

The first bright idea is the use of bright colors!

beautiful young mother with small daughter walks through city

Brighten up Your Daughter's Wardrobe and Her Life

Frequently, bright colors equate to an amazing look. Of course, if the two of you plan on wearing matching outfits (we'll talk about this in a moment), you're going to want to make sure that the chosen bright color looks fabulous on you first. Once you know that you have the hair color and complexion for a particular brilliant color, feel free to coordinate your vibrant, eye-catching outfits.

Outfits and Accessories Such As Handbags and Purses

Little girls who love fashion will also likely love to accessorize. That's one of the best parts about putting an outfit together – the accessories! After all, why should rocking a purse or handbag be solely monopolized by adults? To complete a look, matching shoes, handbag, and jewelry can drive home a fashion statement expertly.

Old Outfits Reimagined

Making something old into something new can be fun and a great way to encourage imagination and creativity in your child. With multiple designs in mind, paint, bedazzle, cut, glue, and sew to breathe new life into old outfits or singular pieces of clothing. (Also workable are old pieces of jewelry combined in various manners to design new creations for accessorizing.)

Mom and Daughter Matching Looks

As promised, let's talk about matching outfits for mom and daughter. Though not every little girl wants to dress like mommy, many will jump at the chance. Holidays, in particular, are a great time to try this out. If you wear similar styles, however, make sure that it is befitting a young lady. In the same vein, mom doesn't want to wear something too childish. It may be a fine line to walk, but well worth the effort when it all comes together.

This is also a style that works well at the beach and other outdoor functions and locations. The unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter can be accentuated by wearing matching outfits whenever the mood strikes the two of you. (Until she's a teenager and rebels against everything.)

Is Your Child a Fashionista?

Not every child, but many, have an inner sense of fashion. From watching you, her grandmother, older sister, and/or others (particularly on TV and in the movies), your child may have developed into a fashionista of sorts. Encourage her creativity by letting her pick a fashion every now and then. If she does well, all the better.

This is where updating or remaking an old outfit could truly be put into action! If not, there are lots of choices and fashions on the racks and shelves of nearby retail and thrift shops. Where you shop can depend on what direction you want to take this and how much work you (and your daughter) are ready and willing to put into it.

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