Simple Yet Stylish Ways To Rock A Baseball Cap

Posted on December 06 2020

One of the simplest accessories in existence is the hat. Included in this choice of apparel is the classic baseball cap. Individuals not particularly familiar with baseball caps, however, may not anticipate the difficulty that can be experienced when it comes time to choose the style, color, and type of baseball cap to wear, and with what. Your overall look should be complemented, your style highlighted, and more. To your everyday wear and your face shape, the hat must be matched.

To make a true fashion statement with your baseball cap – to really rock it – what is required?

Let's start with a question: What's the difference between simply wearing a baseball cap and rockin’ one? Answer: Confidence. With that in mind, let's examine the right way to rock that favorite baseball cap of yours.

Simple Yet Stylish Ways To Rock A Baseball Cap


Keep It Simple, Silly. By “simple”, we are referring to neutral colors. If you're unclear which hat will go with your overall appearance, it's best to go with monochromes: grays, whites, navy blues, and blacks. Typically, these go along nicely with smart, casual clothing or workwear.

Here's a flawless but chic look: With a plain shirt pair some chinos, topping it off with either a white or black baseball cap. In the same color range, slip into a clean-cut denim jacket. Instantly, you're a classic!

Rockin’ It With A Dad Hat

Seemingly never going out of fashion, the dad hat has become a favorite of many. Usually made of a solid color, your typical baseball cap – in order to become a dad hat – is unstructured and made of cotton or cotton blend. It looks comfortable, used, and laid-back. Wear your best dad hat with chinos or black denim, equally laid-back clothing topped off with a staple jacket.

Time to Suit Up!

What?! A baseball cap with a blazer? Yes, with a little versatility and creativity, you can pull off this tricky combination. Primarily used for casual wear, the style of a baseball cap instantly matures when you throw on a dress shirt and blazer with a nice pair of jeans. For this particular ensemble, complement it with a black or gray cap.

Materials Matter

Either a mix of cotton polyester or straight up cotton are used in the construction of many baseball caps. If you want to spice up your collection, however, there are other available options. Consider denim or corduroy, depending on what you're wearing your hat with.

A good rule of thumb, for those wanting to make a true fashion statement, is to allow your headwear to take center stage by keeping your outfit low-key.

The Trucker

Much in the same way dads aren't the only people who can wear dad hats, trucker hats can be worn by people not necessarily operating a truck. The trucker hat refers to style and construction. Everyone from the average person on the street to celebrities wear these caps. The mesh paneling is one of their distinguishing features. Additionally, the front foam section stands up straight and tall (more so than most other caps or hats).

If this is your first trucker hat, try to stick with a simple logo on the front and/or a plain style. If, however, you've been wearing trucker hats for years, go right ahead and exhibit eye-catching logos, conspicuous designs, and bright colors!

Whether you dare to wear a trucker hat, prefer the relaxed fit and look of a dad hat, or want to go with something in between, the best place to shop for baseball caps is at Hat Heaven.


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