Should You Go Jogging With A Cap On?

Posted on January 21 2021

Depending on the individual, jogging or running hats are either greatly desired or something to stay away from. If you are a jogger and a hat wearer, you've probably already formed your own conclusion. Very few people are middle-of-the-road when it comes to their opinion regarding exercising or running and the wearing of hats (at the same time). If you ask them, they will likely give you a strong, emphatic, committed "yes" or "no". They each have their individual reasons for their answer.

Curious, we checked with some of the best athletes around as to their opinion of running/jogging hats. Do they change your run? Do you like wearing them? Let's see what some of today's athletes have to say about jogging with caps.

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What's Important?

Some athletes that jog or run feel absolutely naked without their running/jogging cap! The others, who don't like wearing hats when they run, may feel that it weights them down. For these people, lightweight caps have been developed after many design attempts, and much researching and testing. The build of your hat can make all the difference. It should breathe and allow your scalp to do the same.

That said, here are some of the reasons given by those preferring to wear a hat when they jog.

Look Good While You Feel Good

You may have heard of "runner's high". You're out there exercising and pushing your body to the limits and you feel great about it. Why not look good at the same time? If you think you look good in that hat, chances are, you're going to feel even better about jogging in it. Confidence is promoted when you have faith in how you look. In athletics, confidence is a must. Feel cool, keep your hair in check, and keep that sweat at bay with the right head covering.


The elements can ruin a good run or jog in a heartbeat. When it comes to wind, rain, and the sun, running hats can make a difference. To protect against dust and wind, they provide you with a visor. In the rain, they protect your eyes, keeping your vision clear. When the sun is hot, they can shield your scalp and head from dangerous UV rays. When you're on the go, changing conditions can be matched by today's best running hats. They are versatile and indispensable where many runners are concerned.

Shape and Aerodynamics

To cut through the wind, cycling helmets have been proven effective. Speed caps or shaved heads assist swimmers. Though many runners don't think about drag, when combined with other factors, a small advantage may be realized by wearing the right hat.

Hair Control

Head pieces/headwear can be used effectively by runners or joggers with long hair. Who needs their hair stuck to their neck and shoulders in hot, sweaty weather? Nobody! Even if you're wearing a ponytail, it’s uncomfortable and annoying to have your hair sticking to you, flopping in your face, etc. Tuck your hair up into your hat for relief.

Keeping It Cool

When it comes to jogging hats, the most obvious benefit is that they can help you stay cool. Using evaporating sweat, they draw perspiration away from your head. The right material (mesh) provides your head a decent level of breathability by letting air in and heat out through the fabric.

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