Popular Ways To Wear Different Styles Of Caps

Posted on December 06 2020

There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed by wearing a cap. Bad hair days are better with the right cap. Casual outfits can be dressed up with a classy hat. Classy outfits can be more casual with an informal cap worn the right way.

With so many different styles of caps, there are also numerous ways in which to wear them. They can help you stand out, but not for the wrong reasons. They can help you feel more comfortable. They can even help you support your team. To complement almost any outfit, hats come in not only various sizes and shapes, but different wearing styles.

Go grab a couple of your favorite pieces of headwear and let's look at some stylizations.

Popular Ways To Wear Different Styles Of Caps

The Basics

A basic, classic look can be achieved through the simple donning of a baseball cap – facing forward. Commonly, just above the eyebrows, the brim should rest. Relatively any face shape can be paired with the a baseball cap – though these caps do come in different styles (larger or smaller brims and crowns) which can lend themselves to particular face shapes. Whether you’re 50 and above or a young student, this accessory is timeless and practical.

The Backwards Facing Snapback

Depending on whom you talk to, it's okay to wear your baseball cap backwards. Rest assured, however, you're going for a specific look here. Once again, every head size and shape can be accompanied by a snapback. You can, however, make or break your outfit with the right or wrong color. Try to avoid a clash, whenever possible, and don't be afraid to go loud and bright.

Flat Caps

More than just the older generation is now involved in the resurgence of the flat cap.

In days of old, with more gentlemanly, formal attire, this hat was not only acceptable but preferred. It was classy and fashionable. Today, however, with more modern, casual outfits, is being used as a centerpiece. Clothing choices from jeans and a jacket to any number of other outfits can accompany today's flat caps.

Though baseball caps will always be considered a classic, a brilliant alternative is the flat cap. Much like most people choose to wear their baseball caps, this hat should be worn facing forward. Yes, you may have seen Samuel L. Jackson wearing his flat cap backwards. Let's just call him the exception to the rule.

So, what about flat caps and colors? Take a good look at your chosen outfit. Either keep the color in sync with it or keep your choice of colors plain. In many cases, the perfect impression can be portrayed by using basic colors that go with almost anything.

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