Popular Headwear Design Elements

Posted on June 05 2019

One of the most popular ways to brand your headwear is with embroidery. The thing is, when it comes to headwear design elements, embroidery is not the one and only, the best-method-ever option available. Don't believe us? Take a look at all of these different ways to alter the design elements on a basic cap.

Popular Headwear Design Elements

The Obvious First

Let's get embroidery out of the way since it's so popular. There is 3D embroidery and flat embroidery. Being the most popular, flat embroidery is the stitching of design, logo, or something else directly into the headwear. You get a detailed, smooth finish, thanks to the high-thread counts used today, and have lots of colors from which to pick.

A variation of the flat embroidery stitching technique is 3D embroidery. To raise the embroidered design, under the top stitch, a piece of foam is based. This gives the design a three-dimensional look. It takes that smooth finish and makes it pop.

PU Print

When someone has artwork that is highly detailed, has lots of colors, or involves small text, they may decide to put their design onto PU vinyl. This vinyl is then pressed onto the headwear using heat. It's durable, cost-effective, allows the design to stay exactly where it's supposed to, and provides a smooth, accurate finish. It can be as small as a badge on a cap or over entire panels of the headwear. Screen printing is another method as an alternative to PU print.

Decorating the Brim

Here are a couple of methods of making a hat unique by adding something to the brim:

There are gold and chrome stickers which are added post-manufacturing. When in-store, they provide specific Information. But they are also extremely eye-catching. Turns out, they ended up being a great accessory and, even after purchase, the stickers are kept on in accordance with today's trends.

Another way of decorating the brim of a cap is with dome markers. Once again, these have a three-dimensional look. They don't show wear, they are permanent, durable, dome-shaped, and thick. Basically, these are made from polyurethane and consist of pressure sensitive, printed label.


This method sticks, to a specific design, thousands of tiny fibers which end up creating a texture comparable to velvet. Flocking designs can be used in a similar manner to PU printing (mentioned above). They can be placed almost anywhere and can, when compared to embroidery, be made considerably larger.


These have a badge like an appearance and incorporate various techniques of stitching. Compared to other types of branding, the finished product here has more character and texture. This method is versatile and can be combined with other methods such as heat transfer, 3D embroidery, flat embroidery, and more.


Onto a polyester material, a particular image is fused, rather than being merely printed. Certain sides of the peak of the cap, specific panels, or the entire cap itself can have anything you can imagine printed in a wide array of colors.

Skullcaps Or Beanies

Not exactly a baseball cap, but exceedingly popular in the streetwear fashion industry, are beanies, knitted caps, or skull caps. They come in a variety of types, including reversible.

At Hat Heaven, we understand every headwear design element in existence. That’s why we go out of our way to stock the best of the best. Take a good hard look at our selection and we are sure you'll agree. Hat Heaven is the place to go for your next team cap.


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