Pick Out The Right Cap For You

Posted on April 03 2020

How does one choose the right cap – the perfect cap? Surely, that hat exists, but with so many to choose from, what's the best method? To make sure that you choose the perfect hat for your head, there are a few simple things you can do when considering a purchase. Whether it's a snapback, dad hat, trucker cap, fitted, or something else, this handy guide should assist you in making that all important choice.

Pick out the Right Cap for you

What's the Shape of Your Face?

No, we're not talking about whether you look tired or aged or fresh or have skin as soft as a baby’s. We're talking about your face’s overall configuration. Your facial silhouette should fit well with your choice of hat. With a few quick measurements, you can determine the shape of your face.

  • Step one: Using a tape measure, measure across your forehead. Record your results.
  • Step two: Using the distance across your upper cheeks, measure your cheekbones. Write it down.
  • Step three: From your forehead’s center to the bottom of your chin, measure the length of your face and jaw line. Then write this last number down. A little artistry coupled with these measurements should now help you draw your basic face shape.

What did you get? Oval? Round? Square? Rest assured, there is a snapback or some other cap for everyone, regardless of the shape of their face. In fact, almost any kind of hat looks good on someone with an oval shaped face.

If the hat you're checking out has a round shaped crown, it should be avoided if you have a round face.

What it all boils down to is, before you make your final decision, try on a vast array of hats. Whatever style works best on your face is bound to occur to you after trying on enough off of them.

Functionality and Features

Does the hat you're looking at fit your needs? You want it to hold up for a long time so make sure that quality materials were used to make your hat. One great option in a cap is the feature of adjustable sizing. Whatever your comfort level, chances are, this hat will fit beautifully. When you wear a hat, you don't want to have to worry about how it feels, as well as how it looks.

Some hats are weather resistant. You don't want to ruin your hat the first time you get caught in the rain, after all. What's the weather like in your area?

Speaking of weather, if you like to be outdoors, you may choose a hat that offers additional sun protection. When doing a little fishing, attending a sporting events, or hanging out at the park with the kids, sunscreen will protect your skin, but your cap can help protect your eyes and the top of your head.

The color of your hat is another hot button. Hats today are available in gray, green, red, navy blue, and even camouflage. If you're a huge clothes horse, you want colors that are versatile. That way, in addition to an assortment of occasions, you can wear your new cap with a number of outfits.

To enjoy your new accessory for years to come, once again, pick a hat that is made with not only quality materials but quality workmanship as well.

Hat Heaven Has the Cap You're Looking For

At Hat Heaven, we carry the cap that will fit you perfectly – regardless of gender, hairstyle, or the shape of your face. With the right collection of hats, you will have one for every occasion under the sun. Wear one to the next football game you attend, a company picnic, out for a day with the kids, around the house, and more. Shop at Hat Heaven today!


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