Packing Baseball Caps For Travel

Posted on April 12 2021

Ready for a getaway? Most of us are! Whether you pack beach hats, baseball caps, a Fedora, or some other type of hat, doing it correctly makes a difference. Below, we’re going to take a look at how to pack baseball caps for travel, as well as the best way to pack a number of other types of hats.

Why is this so important? While traveling, you don't want to damage your favorite hat or bend your hat the wrong way. That would never do! Knowing how to put your cap or hat snugly but securely into your luggage can mean wearing it again confidently or tossing it aside and having to purchase a new one. What's more, some hats are on the pricey side. You certainly don't want to destroy a high-end hat that cost you a ton of hard-earned cash.

Baseball Cap Packing

Compared to a large straw hat, your baseball cap requires less care while still remaining cool and sporty. It's a low stakes option. The thing is, you may not want to flatten it entirely. This can be tricky. You may wish to curl the bill around a chunk of socks or underwear so that it doesn't flatten out. If the bill is flat and you like it that way, however, no problem.

You may also wish to stuff the hat if you've got a trucker cap, whose front you don't want crushed. The whole point of a trucker cap is for the relatively sizable front to stand up.

Some Hats Roll

There are some hats out there that roll very nicely. Bucket hats, for one. Also, as we just referred to, if you like the bill (visor) of your baseball cap curved, rolling your cap around some other piece of clothing is perfectly acceptable.

Flat Hats

If you decided not to wear your flat hat during travel, you'll want to pack it away. Fortunately, this is easy to do with flat hats. Without worrying about shape, particularly in the case of canvas hats, you can simply lay it in your bag and stack whatever you wish on top. If you've given up on high maintenance headwear, this hat option is perfect.

Hat Stuffing/Cradling

This applies mainly to fedoras, Panama hats, and the like. It could even apply to your trucker cap if you don't want the front crunched. Like the precious object that it is, cradle your hat within other articles of clothing. In your suitcase, lay it upside down, and securely surround it. Also use underwear, socks, and other small things to stuff the inside of the hat.

Remember – when all else fails – wear your hat while traveling.

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