New Era Hat Care Best Practices

Posted on February 04 2020

Across the hip-hop community and among urban populations, those wishing to add a statement making accessory to their wardrobe have chosen New Era hats. But if not properly cared for, a change in appearance and size can occur due to the hats being made of cotton, polyester, or wool.

Because caring properly for your hats will make them look better for longer, once again, we are going to remind everyone how to best care for their New Era and other baseball-style caps.

New Era Hat Care Best Practices

Method Number One

You’ll need a length or strip of masking tape for this method. So that the sticky side is exposed, wrap the strip around your fingers. With the tape, pat the hat to pick up hair and dust with the sticky portion. Sometimes this is all your hat needs to look refreshed and revitalized.

Method Number Two

Onto a wet washcloth, place a small amount of stain remover or detergent. To remove unsightly sweat stains and soil, gently rub the headband of the hat. To remove any excess detergent from your hat, rinse the washcloth out with water and use it on the hat again (repeat until soap is removed).

Method Number Three

Because we are such a hat friendly society, there are actually special hat cleaning kits available. They come with a brush to which you should apply some of the included cleaning solution. To remove grime, brush the hat with the brush supplied.

If you don't own a special cleaning kit, and if your New Era caps are made from cotton or polyester, right along with the rest of your clothes you can throw them in the washing machine.

Some manufacturers recommend the gentle cycle and that the hat be washed with a small load, in order to assist it in keeping its shape. There are hat forms or hat racks available for those wishing to assure the hat’s shape.

Things to Remember

Caps made from wool should be cleaned with special wool safe detergents.

After washing, pat your hat nearly dry with a clean towel. No hat should ever be placed in a dryer but rather, place your washed cap on top of something like a coffee can to help it keep its shape while it air dries.

The cardboard brim is a sensitive area when it comes to caps. To spot clean this, in a warm cup of water, use a teaspoon of detergent. Don't get the brim too wet. Use your solution sparingly. With a clean white cloth, dip the cloth in the solution and blot the soiled area. Use the same method with a detergent free, clean cloth and water to rinse. Again, the cap should air dry.

Does your hat smell sweaty, but you can't see any sweat stains? There are several methods for removing the sweat smell out of hats, including the following (each is a separate suggestion):

  • Douse the hat in febreze
  • Dunk the hat in apple cider vinegar
  • Place the hat in the freezer for a time

Regardless, always keep in mind the above-listed cleaning and drying tactics. Watch out for the form of the hat and the cardboard bill.

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