Major League Baseball Has a New Logo Design for 2019!

Posted on August 07 2019

This year, Major-League Baseball has a brand-new logo! No, we are not talking about the Phillies, or the Marlins, or any other specific team. It's the league – the actual league that has changed logos. Designed originally by Jerry Dior, the famous silhouetted batter came into vogue in 1969 to honor the league's centennial celebration. Throughout your day, you have undoubtedly seen it on the back of hundreds or thousands of baseball caps.

The league officially brightened the red and darkened the blue on the league’s logos in 1992. Dior’s original design, some 50 years later, has gone through another slight variation involving the colors. Major League Baseball has decided that, in honor of the 150th anniversary, some noteworthy changes should be made.Major League Baseball Has a New Logo Design for 2019!

The Mighty Batter

Don't worry, the batter has not changed in the least. The strength and power exhibited through the batter silhouette remains the same as does the width of the line that surrounds the logo. The powers that be, after analyzing the old logo, saw no reason to change either of those characteristics.

First Things First

Making the colors of the iconic MLB logo darker was the first step that the league decided upon. (Yes, even darker than the 1992 update.) The former blue and red were relatively arbitrary shades. In an effort to be more patriotic, the league considered the colors in the United States flag and strove to match them exactly. They also felt it a more appropriate reflection on how fans embrace the sport and country. They feel that this speaks highly of the National Pastime and sends a strong message.

The league states that they now have a more mature looking logo, with the darkened colors.

Abbreviation Rather Than Spelling

Formerly, the words "Major League Baseball" accompanied the logo. The league now feels comfortable with establishing themselves as "MLB" instead of spelling it all out. You will not see MLB printed beneath the logo, however, as were the words "Major League Baseball" on the old logo.

Even the angle of the bat was analyzed in the closer examination and evaluation of the logo.

No Announcements?

No, there were no official announcements when the MLB rolled out the new styling guidelines, fonts, and new colors. The new styles were incorporated into products found on the league's official app without fanfare.

Why Change Anything?

The league felt that they needed to change with the times. Styles, tastes, and trends are constantly fluctuating and, to maintain the best overall look, mild tweaks in the fonts and colors signified an evolution of sorts. The logo has changed, there can be no mistake, but this is still the MLB logo that fans have known and loved for decades. In fact, if you don't look at old logos and the new logo side-by-side, you may not even notice the difference!

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