Learn The Different Ways To Wear Hats

Posted on December 06 2020

Let's say that you like to wear hats. Let's further assume that you have a limited variety from which to choose. Did you know that you can keep your look stylish and fresh by wearing the same old hat in different ways? You don't have to own an entire closet full of hats to make their appearance seem new.

To any outfit, the right hat can add a chic element. They are also – depending on the hat – perfect for protecting your face and eyes from the sun's damaging rays. Naturally, a bad hair day can be easily hidden under a hat, as well. (That last advantage is invaluable for any number of people on any given day.)

To help you mix it up a bit but limit your choices to a small selection of hats, we're going to give you a handful of tips for hat wearing. These tips can also help you pack fewer hats when traveling because you can change up their look.


Belts – They're Not Just for around Your Waist Anymore!

Chain belts in particular, but actually any belt, can be wrapped around a hat. The size of the belt will come into play, however. To make sure the belt doesn't fall off, make it tight enough – but not too tight.


To add some stylish bling to your hat, consider a rhinestone hair clip. Over the band of a hat, you can attach any alligator clip-equipped accessory.


If you have a straw hat and want to dress it up, through the holes that already exist, you can thread a pin. If you have a hat that already has a band on it, you can attach a pin to the band. To avoid poking holes, you may choose to go with the alligator clip style mentioned above. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, by a supply of alligator clips and make your own!

Scarf Tying

Consider using a variety of scarf lengths for this simple upgrade and stylization. Wrap them around twice if they’re longer. Tie them in a square knot or a bow, depending on the look you're going for. (See the Final Tip, below.)

Necklaces with Elastic

If you prefer, you can simply add one elasticized necklace, but you may want to use two or three. They won't slip off of the hat, courtesy of the elastic, and should fit snugly.

Final Tip

Any of the above-mentioned accessories can also be combined to newly style an old hat. To create a hat band, for example, tie a scarf around it (as mentioned above). To embellish it further, add a pin or pins.

Want to dress it up a bit? You can accomplish this with a metallic or sheer scarf. Rather than tucking the ends in after your square knot, it may look dressier if the tails fall over the brim – or if they are tied in a bow.

For a more casual look, consider tying a cotton bandanna scarf around the hat. So that the band fits narrowly, use a smaller scarf. Tuck in the tails after tying them in a square knot.

The Best Tip of All

Baseball caps can also be stylized to fit a particular outfit or to achieve a certain look. Shop for your baseball caps at Hat Heaven.


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