Is Your Baseball Cap Dirty?

Posted on June 05 2019

Your favorite baseball cap is dirty. And whereas, you could buy a new one, you really love this one. That's not to say you won't buy a new one in the future, but for now, what can you do? You may be able to clean it! Here's how:

Is Your Baseball Cap Dirty?

Spot Clean Whenever Possible

Spot cleaning is the preferred way to go, particularly when referring to older hats that might already be on the verge of falling apart. A small scrubber or toothbrush can be used to clean problem areas. Use baking soda or a product like OxiClean as a pre-treatment to remove stains. On the stained areas, gently rub and then, with warm water, rinse.

After Spot Cleaning

For 20 to 30 minutes, once spot cleaning is completed, in soapy warm water, soak the hat. You can gently wash wool material unless the bill is made from stiffened paper (cardboard). The shape of the hat can be affected by over wetting, so spot clean whenever possible.

The Laundry and Hat Washing

While washing a hat in the washing machine is not out of the question, you must use a cap cage so that the hat doesn't lose its shape. If you do decide to wash your cap in the washing machine, use the gentle cycle, cold water, and detergent with no bleach. Never use straight bleach. Above all else, don't throw your hat in with other dirty clothes.

What About Using the Dishwasher?

It's also not unheard of to wash a baseball cap in the dishwasher. Again, you cannot put other dirty dishes and things in with the cap, and a cap cage must be used to help the hat keep its shape. Cardboard bill caps should not be washed using this method. Disable the drying cycle and use water that is as cool as possible. As with washing a hat in the washing machine, the detergent you use should not contain any bleach.

Drying Your Cap

When it's time to dry your baseball cap, never, ever put it in the dryer. For your cap to keep its shape, it must air dry on a towel. Never allow the cap to dry in direct sunlight. If excess wetness is a problem, the hat can be gently rolled in a thick towel before setting out to dry. Some people like to hang the hat and, on a cool setting, use a hairdryer to expedite the drying process.

While the cap dries, put it on your head every couple of hours to maintain shape and size.

Other Hats – Other Processes

As long as the material is conducive to this next method, dry cleaning has been used on occasion. Not all hats can be dry cleaned, however. It all depends on the material. You may consider using the services of a haberdasher if your hat is high-end or high-quality and cannot be dry cleaned. Leather caps also present a problem and need to be specially cleaned.

Now that your favorite baseball cap is clean again, it's time to shop for something new. We've got just the right cap for your collection at Hat Heaven. Shop today!


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