Is It Rude To Keep A Hat On Indoors?

Posted on April 12 2021

We are all familiar with someone who never seems to take off their baseball cap. Every time you see them, they've got that hat on. You’ve started to wonder if they wear it to bed. There's nothing wrong with loving your baseball caps. In fact, we at Hat Heaven prefer it. But is there a time during which your hat should be removed?

Old school dictates that, in the presence of a lady, a man should remove or tip his hat. Very old school. Once upon a time, men removed their hats when they stepped into a building – regardless of the building. What about women and their hats? Technically, they were only required to remove their hats if someone's view was obstructed by it. Those were some hats!

These days, however, things are a bit different. No matter how practical, the old policy is somewhat outdated. To help determine when you should or should not wear a cap indoors, we've included a little bit of indoor hat etiquette here.


Keep in mind that some people will still consider the removal of a hat a show of respect. That should always be taken into consideration, regardless of how casual things may have become. If you are in the presence of someone belonging to a more respectful generation, you may well consider removing your hat indoors. In fact, when in doubt, better to err on the side of caution and remove your hat indoors.

Here's an example of what you're referring to: A grandfather was concerned because his grandson never removed his baseball cap – even indoors. He was worried that it would make him appear disrespectful and rude. The grandfather was advised (by an advice columnist) to share his concerns with his grandson. Not that it matters to a child, but it might. If the child is old enough to understand what the grandfather is talking about, it could make all the difference.

That said, the following are some general rules of thumb…

Leave Your Hat On

  • Out trail riding (on a horse, for instance)
  • At gatherings that are casual, and no formal rules apply
  • If you need a hat to keep warm because the temperature fell
  • On a train or bus
  • Unless your obstructing someone's view, all sporting events (even those that take place indoors)
  • Outside

Take Your Hat Off

  • During the national anthem
  • In public places such as church, offices, schools, malls, restaurants, etc.
  • In someone's house

Hats on Women

Here comes that old double standard. In the past, there was a completely different set of rules for women and their hats (as compared to the rules for men and their hats). This was referred to earlier. Today, however, with the wearing of sports caps, women's rules and men's rules coincide. Follow the advice above for when to leave your hat on and when to take it off.

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