How To Wear A Baseball Cap Without Looking Like A Teen

Posted on July 10 2020

Countless numbers of men and women love to throw on a baseball cap whether just running to the store, going to an actual game, doing yard work, or just hanging around. While truly being a useful accessory, there is still a debate as to the effects of wearing a baseball cap. Does plopping one of these hats on your head give you a bad boy (bad girl) look, or elevate you to fashionista status with its contemporary, stylish appearance? For decades, that question has split the fashion world right down the center. But times change… There is less of a debate now as to whether or not baseball caps should be worn but rather, how they should be worn.

Let's take a look at baseball caps in general and then figure out the best way to wear them without looking like your teenage son or daughter, niece or nephew, etc.

Baseball Cap Without Looking Like A Teen

A Look At Baseball Cap History

It will come as no surprise that the first baseball caps originated around 1860 and were worn by, you guessed it, baseball teams. Though they wouldn't take off as a fashion for about a century, the Brooklyn Excelsiors were the original team to don the first baseball caps. As well as keeping the sun out of the eyes of players, the wearing of baseball caps was an essential means of team identification. Then, in the 20th century, baseball games began appearing on television and everyone wanted the hats.

Once celebrities started sporting these caps, all bets were off. The popularity of baseball caps has soared to an all-time high. Even Gucci gets in the act with models wearing baseball caps on the catwalk! Of course, they’re upscaled considerably. Today, an essential staple and accessory where menswear is concerned, at least one baseball cap can be found in the closet of most any guy on the planet.

For the Best Results – Follow These Baseball Cap Wearing Tips

The following advice should help you wear your baseball cap stylishly and properly, thereby offering less opportunity for judgmental speculation on the part of others:

  • There's nothing wrong with wearing a hat all day. But if you’re going to be taking it off later in the day or evening, be sure that hat hair isn't going to be an issue.
  • Whenever possible, rather than going for showiness, shoot for simplicity. You'll stand a better chance of your hat going with your wardrobe and looking classier if you go with a simple, plain cap.
  • Never – ever – wear your cap sideways. Even wearing it backwards should be done carefully and as seldom as possible.
  • How tight should you wear your hat? You won't elevate your look if you end up with a big red line across your forehead because the hat’s cutting off your circulation. That's too tight! On the other hand, you can destroy your carefree look by having to chase your cap down the street after blowing off your head. Clearly, it was too loose. When you wear a baseball cap, it should fit snugly and comfortably.
  • Unless you’re 50 Cent, please take the stickers off your brim.
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