How To Rock Streetwear To Increase Your Street Cred

Posted on April 24 2019

It takes more than just donning the right kind of streetwear to put forth the message that you have the right kind of street cred. You know, the cred that makes you worthy of even trying on today's trendy streetwear styles – much less rocking them. Breaking one or more of the street cred and streetwear "rules" will make you stand out in the crowd far worse than if you weren't wearing the right kind of attire.

Nobody wants that. Let's take a look at the best ways to go about improving your street cred and making the most of today’s trendy streetwear fashions.

How To Rock Streetwear To Increase Your Street Cred

Logos – Wear Them Proud and Loud

You're making a definite statement when you follow streetwear fashions. The logos speak for themselves in this type of fashionwear rather than styles or products that make people ask, "What are you wearing?" Today's reputable street brands, either all over the piece of clothing or prominently on the front in huge letters, print their logos proudly.

Shorts – Don't Shy Away

Whoever said that street fashion and shorts are incompatible? Clearly, they knew not of what they spoke! Though heavy boots, hoodie, and baggy jeans may be the ideal street look… on a hot summer afternoon, it's just not cool (any way you look at it). Your favorite brand T-shirt and matching black drop crotch shorts are not only fashionable but comfortable as well.

What's That on Your Head?

Headwear is possibly the most essential streetwear fashion accessory in existence. Snapbacks, bandannas, beanies, baseball caps, and more are an absolute necessity for the streetwear aficionado – regardless of hair type. Lost your hat? An oversized jacket/sweatshirt with a hoodie will suffice.

Don't Get Caught With the Wrong Shoes

As important, or almost as important, as your headwear are your shoes. Oh, you'll turn heads with the wrong pair of shoes, but for all the wrong reasons. They must be noticeable and, when compared to the rest of your clothes, in direct contrast. As an example, bright shoes would be preferred if your basic streetwear style is monochrome.

White sneakers are exceptionally popular. They do, after all, go with anything. But if you go with white, they have to be sparkling clean at all times. While you can go from zero to fashion hero with beautifully white sneakers, any speck of dirt will slam on the brakes and discredit you in a heartbeat.

Question: What's the Right Size?

The answer: big. If it's oversized, it's the right size. Tight T-shirts, skinny jeans, and such are absolute no-no’s when it comes to streetwear fashion. You don't have to swim in your clothing, but it should, at the very least, be comfortably large. Also acceptable are layers of clothing.

Want to Find the Right Hat for Your Streetwear Fashions?

When it comes to streetwear, Hat Heaven has what you’re looking for. We know that, even though there seem to be certain statutes to abide by, there are no real "rules". That's what makes fashion so unique – it promotes individualism, while at the same time promoting trends. But, at the very least, the guidelines above could save you from an embarrassing situation.


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