How To Pair Hijabs With Hats

Posted on December 06 2020

Regardless of religion, the hijab style is gaining as a fashion statement. Whether they are hanging around a café, attending a sporting event, planning holiday visits, or wish to be trendy, ladies other than Muslim women are encouraging and enforcing the growing trend of “hijab-ers”.

Since all types of women are adapting this style, not just ladies in the Muslim culture, some women are wondering how to pair hijabs with hats. Can it be done? The answer is, "Yes!"

This style is being adopted by women from all walks of life. But it can now be styled in ways other than what has formally been typical and/or appropriate. Wearing hats and caps with hijabs is a manner through which stylization and individual fashion sense can be expressed.

Young Arabian Women with Packages Standing in Mall

Hijab Styles

There's more than one way to wear a hijab. Various styles can be incorporated and paired with different hats. Hijab styles include the ponytail, turban, and loose wrap. Additionally, under a hat, the longer side of your scarf can be flipped behind the opposing shoulder.

At the Beach

Sunny days and hats go hand in hand. If you're heading to the beach, even when you're wearing a hijab, bring along your sunhat. Example: With an alluring yellow maxi, over your loose dupatta style hijab, feel free to wear your sunhat.

On the Street

Wear strappy sandals, a blue high waist skirt, and a striped top for that ethereal street style. Over your hijab, wear a Breton hat turned upwards to take your look beyond chic. To finish off the look wear fun earrings and favorite, fashionable shades.

Classy and Chic

Appear sophisticated and astounding in a green sweatshirt and off-white high waist pants. Match your hijab to the sweatshirt. By accessorizing with a straw hat, your outfit will look even more compelling. Grab your best-looking cross body bag and white sneakers before heading out the door.

The Style for Summer

A Breton hat with matching hijab and a light blue maxi outfit is a great way to enjoy summer fashionably. For a comfortable but fresh feel, loosely around your neck, slide your hijab. For any day that involves sun exposure – be it a family holiday or a day at the beach – this is the perfect gear.

Solid Colors and Stripes

Color and style are important, particularly where a hijab is concerned, when wearing a white shirt/striped pants outfit. Here's a suggestion: In a ponytail style, wear a light brown hijab and accessorize it through the use of a fashionable hat. The look is divine and ageless.

Flowy Outfits and Hijabs

You will never disappoint with the ageless combination of black and white. To keep your styling game safe, pair a white hat accessorized with a black strap with your flowy outfit. The color of the outfit matters very little when you rely on this color combination for your hat. Underneath wear a black hijab, which will serve to highlight your fashionable choice of headwear.

Casual and Sporty – the Baseball Cap

Yes, it's true, you can wear a hijab and a baseball cap. For your best tomboy look, grab a loose T-shirt, brightly colored, baggy pants, a matching scarf, and a baseball cap. You're just slightly dressed up but loose and ruffled at the same time.

Looking for a Baseball Cap?

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