How To Pack Your Baseball Cap When Moving

Posted on April 03 2020

If you've moved around a lot in life, chances are, you know a little something about packing. It's one of those little pieces of knowledge that can come in handy, but not something that's particularly conducive to a good social life. Just when you make friends, you move. Routinely involved in smart packing practices are furniture, knickknacks, dishes, etc. Then there's clothing. Included in your wardrobe is your collection of baseball caps. But is there really a right way and a wrong way to pack your caps? You bet there is!

How to Pack your Baseball Cap When Moving

Moving – It's a Way of Life for Many

Here you thought baseball was the national pastime! Turns out, approximately every 11 years or so, the average individual moves – so it is, apparently, moving! Who knew?

The goal of packing, of course, is to get everything to the new location in the same condition it was in before the move. Baseball caps can be a slightly delicate item. Every year, roughly 121 million of these caps are sold. Yes, America loves their hats. If you're not careful, however, bad packing practices can ruin your beloved baseball caps.

Let's take a look at a few tips from people who have moved on a frequent basis and found out, one way or another, the best way to pack baseball caps.

A Little Bit of Lavender

No, we are not referring to the color of your hats. You may not get to unpack your bags/boxes right away, so to discourage nasty smells and moths, try tossing in a bit of dried lavender with your caps and whatever else you're packing inside the suitcase/box in question. What about mothballs? We've found that not only can mothballs irritate your skin, they contain a lot of chemicals that many consider harmful. It's just as effective to use dried lavender and less harmful.

Protect Designs and Logos

Caps that are stored or packed will likely rub together during the process. The design of your hat can be damaged by this friction. It may fade, rub off, stitching could come out, or otherwise. To stop this from happening, over all of the designs, place a piece of wrapping paper. Wrap the whole hat if the designs are in front, on the side, and/or in back.

Save Room – Stack Caps

Not only will it take a lot of space if you just toss your hats into the suitcase or box in question, it will damage them as well. It's okay to stack your caps. You can stack them horizontally if you push the backside of the cap in toward the front, or they can be stacked on top of one another with something balled up under the bottom one to preserve shape.

Hat Heaven Cares about Your Hats

The biggest point here is to not only properly store and pack your hats, but take the time needed to do so carefully. Particularly if you're an avid collector or have hard-to-find hats, you want to make sure that they make the move safely and intact.

Now that you know the right way to pack your baseball caps when moving or packing for a trip, it will be easier to keep them nicer for longer. Should something happen to one of your caps, however, or should you simply be in the market for a new one, make Hat Heaven your go-to cap store.

Peruse our selection today to find your new hat, be it with logo, without logo, in red, green, black, or whatever color and style you choose. We've got what you're looking for!


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