How To Manage Hat Hair

Posted on March 10 2021

What's the worst part about taking off your cap? Answer: The problem of how to manage hat hair! Although an issue for any person who loves to wear hats, it is particularly problematic during the colder months when you need a hat for warmth (in addition to being a fashion accessory).

How to manage hat hair

Grooming problems are not uncommon in winter. The cold can complicate your shaving routine, dry out your skin, but worst of all, give you hat hair. Is there a simple solution? To preserve your hairdo, is it going to be worth going hatless? Or, all day long, must you suffer the consequences of having worn a hat just to stay warm?

Once upon a time, "hat hair" was a look. You wanted to look like you just rolled out of bed. There was even a product called Bedhead!  But, if you're a professional, or try to keep up with the latest styles, it's probably not the best look anymore.

Managing Your Hair After Wearing A Hat

Once you arrive at your destination, can you have nice hair after being kept warm, in part, by your hat? Answer: Yes. With a pinch of patience and the right hair products, you can beat hat hair. Here are some tips from hairstylists and designers.

Daily Conditioning

Every time you wash your hair you should be conditioning. Washing/conditioning every day gives your hair a fighting chance against hat hair and allows it to be more receptive to product. Choose a conditioner with nourishing nutrients and vitamins to make your hair easier to style and restore any lost moisture.

Stimulating Shampoos

Though this can go hand-in-hand with choosing the right products (see below), we want you to know that hair follicles can be strained when circulation is restricted. This is why the use of a stimulating shampoo is suggested. It can help prevent hair from falling out by increasing hair follicle blood flow. Look for shampoos with natural oils like tea tree or peppermint.

Removing Your Hat

Don't wear your hat for too long and don't wear it too often. The minute you get inside, remove your hat. If you don't need it, don't wear it. This is, of course, only if you're looking to avoid hat hair.

The Right Stuff

What do you use in your hair? Using the appropriate products – the right stuff – goes a long way. Try something like a water-soluble paste after your hair has dried. A pliable texture will be provided in this manner. Throughout the day, you can restyle or muss up your hair as desired.

Products that will be difficult to rework include high shine and/or wax based products. It’s best to carry an aerosol texture spray or a liquid spray if, after wearing a hat, you want to re-style your hair. Different hair textures will require specific products.

When to Dry Your Hair

Your hair should always be completely dry before you put your hat on. Chances are, your hair will stay in whatever manner it was when it dried. Additionally, when your hair is allowed to dry underneath your hat, it can suffer far more damage.

Just for a couple of minutes, before you put your hat on, use a blow dryer with which to dry your hair. This makes it more receptive to products, locks in a style, and increases volume. To avoid damage from over-heating and exposure, let your hair air dry after a few minutes of blow drying.

It's Time for a New Cap!

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