How to Know If You Have A Hat Obsession

Posted on June 05 2019

A hat obsession means that, more or less, you love hats as much as life itself! A day without a cap on your head is like a day without sunshine. In all things you do, you think about headwear. You live it, breathe it… You get the picture.

How to Know If You Have A Hat Obsession

Don't despair! There are many in the world today who share your passion for hats. We are not referring here to the people who simply like hats. Oh no! Liking a hat as opposed to love, love, loving your hats should never be confused. Think you might be obsessed?

The following are some signs that you may truly have a hat obsession. But that's okay!

The More the Better

Are there hats in your closet, under your bed, and in the bathroom? If so, you like hats. But are there more in the car, the truck, the garage, the basement, the living room, your significant other’s closet and bathroom, and so on? Do your hats have hats? Having hats in every possible room of the house could point to the fact that you are mildly obsessed with headwear. And if you have no problem with the fact that there are hats everywhere – it's very likely you're seriously obsessed.

You've Gone in Search of…

You can pick up some pretty good hats just about anywhere – i.e., rummage sales, Internet stores, brick-and-mortar stores, thrift shops, etc. But if there was, at one point in time, a truly special hat for which you searched the whole world over, you might have a slight obsession. Additionally, the longer your search, and the fact that you feel it was time well spent, the bigger the obsession. You Have How Many Hats!? When people say "Wow! You've got a lot of hats! How many hats do you have?", you might actually start to think about it. And once you do that, you find the total number (if you can even pin it down) absolutely terrifying – yet, at the same time, extraordinarily impressive!


Which hat are you going to wear to the game? You can’t decide, can you? Well, because you're obsessed, you bring a handful of options because… You just never know.

I've Been Looking for That!

You probably have piles of hats everywhere. If something has gone missing, only to turn up buried under a pile of hats, you may be somewhat obsessed with collecting.

That's the Same Cap!

You’re loyal to your team, aren't you? Of course, you are. And you've got every team cap that has ever come out, don't you? Wait, what's that? A brand-new team cap? Well, you simply must have it! When your non-hat collecting friend tells you "Hey, that looks just like last year's cap," you look at them incredulously and say… “And?” Clearly, they have no clue.

At Hat Heaven, we understand all of the above because, we are obsessed with hats, too! From Dad hats to 59Fifties, from Mitchell & Ness to New Era, we have an impressive selection in stock. Look around. We've no doubt you'll find something you don't already have and just must add to your collection.


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