How To Keep Your Baseball Cap Collection In Check

Posted on October 14 2019

People collect all sorts of things. One of the most popular pastimes among men (in particular) is the baseball cap collection. These can be sports-themed, have catchy logos or sayings, plain, and in varying styles and colors. But they all have one thing in common – if you wear them for an extended period of time or often, they're going to need upkeep. We're going to take a look at some of the best methods for keeping that collection of yours in check. Afterall, clean baseball caps look better than dirty, stained, beat up old ones. There can be no doubt.

Let's check out some cleaning methods.

How To Keep Your Baseball Cap Collection In Check


That Good Old Hat

Commemorative caps should be protected. To guard against dust collection and grease, keep caps of this sort in a covered case. Every now and then, dust them off. Intense heat and direct light should be avoided.

If cleaning is absolutely necessary, a color-fast test is recommended first. If you notice any transfer of color during the color-fast test, deep cleaning is not recommended. Warm water and a little bit of dishwashing detergent mixed together will be all you need – but don't put the entire cap underwater. You could dissolve the cardboard in the bill! Use a clean cloth to rinse the cleansed areas. Then, on a head-shaped form, air dry.

Autographs: Some commemorative or older caps are made even more special by autographs. To prevent fading and preserve the signature, your cap should be kept in an air-conditioned space, in the dark. Prevent mildew and mold from forming by keeping the temperature cool. To help the ink set (so you can wear the hat), with a white pressing cloth, cover the signature. Then, with an iron set on high, iron the area.

Wool Baseball Caps

Cleansing of these caps can be done with a mild wool-designated detergent and cool water. Don't twist the fibers, don't scrub, just gently wash. After cool water rinsing, in a thick towel, roll the cap back and forth. This helps with moisture absorption. On a head-shaped object, allow the cap to air dry.

Polyester or Cotton Caps

One of the best pieces of news here is that many of today's hats have replaced cardboard with a plastic form. This is important, because plastic stands up much better during washing than did the old-school piece of cardboard. Now, to wash your cotton or polyester caps…

One of the biggest problems with the dirty caps are the sweat stains around the sweatband. Use a gel stain remover or solvent-based spray to pretreat sweat stained areas. This should be done at least 15 minutes prior to the actual cleansing process.

Using cool water and the delicate cycle in your wash machine, the cap can be thrown in with other clothing of a similar color. Even if the cap is white, however, never use chlorine bleach! Again, this is only if you’re sure that the bill is NOT made from cardboard. Use a hat form that is specially designed if you're worried about the shape of your cap. After the load has gone through the spin cycle, remove it and, on a head-shaped container or over a large coffee can, allow the cap to air dry. Never – ever – throw your cap in the dryer. 

If you have one of the older caps with a cardboard bill, you're going to have to be happy with spot cleaning. Some people recommend using the top rack of a dishwasher, but we don't recommend it here.

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