How To Get The Best Fit From Your Hats

Posted on February 05 2021

Is there a particular way that a hat should fit your head? The answer to that question seems ridiculously simple, does it not? Of course, the hat should fit your head in a particular manner. It should feel good, be snug enough not to come off in a breeze, and not be so tight that it gives you a headache.

The thing is, wearing a hat has become a lost art. On a regular basis, you don't see hats like you used to. The tried-and-true baseball cap may be an exception to that.

But because a major comeback is now being enjoyed by some stylish toppers and dress hats, we’re going to discuss the art of achieving the best hat fit. We’ll discuss how to measure your head with step-by-step instructions. Of course, there's always the "feel" test, if you don't feel like measuring. Chances are, if a hat feels good on your head, it's right.

How To Get The Best Fit From Your Hats

Using Hat Tape Can Help

Let's say you have a hat that is just a little too big, but you love it dearly. Is there a way to get a snugger fit? Absolutely! That's what hat tape is for. You may also hear this referred to as hat size reducer. It is one of the easiest ways to get a hat that's a little too big to fit. On one side, these foam strips have an adhesive. To create a more secure fit, to the inside of the sweatband, this tape will stick.

Voilà! Your beloved hat now fits perfectly.

How to Measure Your Noggin

For this procedure you're going to need either a piece of string and a ruler or a measuring tape.

First: Wrap the string or tape measure around your head's largest part. At the center of your forehead, the two ends should meet (at about your eyebrows).

Next: With your finger, at mid forehead, firmly hold the string or tape – not too loosely but not too tightly. You're doing this to figure out the most comfortable fit and right about where you think your hat will sit.

Finally: On a hat sizing chart, find your corresponding size by taking note of your measurement, if you're using a measuring tape.

If you're using string, take the piece of string that wrapped around your head and place it on the ruler for an accurate measurement number. Once again, find the size on a hat size chart by matching it up to your measurement.

Some Final Tips

What if, on a size chart, you find yourself between sizes? Rather than getting a hat that's too small, pick one that is slightly larger. You can always use the hat tape referred to earlier.

How do you know your hat fits right? If, between the cap and your forehead, you can fit one finger comfortably, you've got it!

Rather than an extremely tight fit, you should have a snug fit inside your hat’s sweatband. If your forehead ends up with red marks or you feel tension, a cap that fits looser would be advised.

Where to Find the Best Fitting Hats

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