How To Encourage Your Child To Keep Their Hats On

Posted on March 10 2021

What's the best way to make sure that children's hats stay on the head of your child? Superglue? Well, maybe not.

It's funny… some kids just love certain accessories and styles: Tiaras, blankets, bowls, masks, or hats to fit their heads. For others, when you put something on their head, it's like a little invisible alarm system triggers. Even before you grab it, they somehow know. Before you realize it, you’ve got a runner on your hands!

how to encourage your child to keep their hats on

Surely, there is a way (or two or three) to better assure your child will keep the hat on their head on a more consistent basis. Of course, this all depends on the child themselves. Some kids simply will not be bothered! But in an effort to help you keep that hat where it belongs, here are the best tips we could find.

Your Child and Hat Styles

As they grow, your child can go through three basic hat styles. Some stages may tend to overlap, so during those periods of overlapping, you will truly need to work with your child's preferences.

  • Kids’ broadbrims/buckets – With a brim that is slightly stiffer (courtesy of a foam insert) these larger bucket hats are for bigger kids. The broad brim is deeper and more upright, providing coverage for chests and shoulders.
  • Baby buckets/toddler – Around their shoulders and head, kids need protection once they're up and about and exploring. One line of protection is offered by a bucket hat's brim.
  • Baby flap hat/legionnaire style – Here, as does your baby, the flap lies flat. Perfect for wearing in carriers and prams. Best suited to young and newborn babies.

Not to be discounted, baseball caps are appropriate for any child they fit! Adjustable kids’ caps can fit even the youngest children. If your child is going to be out in the sun, shielding for their face and eyes will be provided by the brim. If your kid is into sports, this cap is indispensable.

How to Get Your Kid to Keep That Hat On

In addition to choosing the right style, here are some tips that may make it easier to assure your child will wear their hat as much as possible:

  • Let your kid help you pick out their hat.
  • A correct fit is essential.
  • You may consider using distraction or tricks.
  • Make the picking out and wearing a hat fun.
  • Be an excellent role model.
  • Be consistent and persistent.
  • No matter the season, start your child on a cap wearing regiment early.

Where to Find The Best Kids Hats

Let's face it, one of the best ways to assure your child wearing their hat on a regular basis is to pick one they like. Letting them participate in their hat choice is not only more fun for them, it assures you of more consistent hat wearing by the child. Does your child have a favorite team, cartoon character, or color? Use that to your advantage.

The best place to find your kid’s new baseball cap is at Hat Heaven. We carry a wide selection of hats for kids. Choose from a sports logo to a cartoon character, catchy saying, or a plain hat. The choice is yours – and theirs!


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