How To Determine Your Hat Size

Posted on April 12 2021

Are you a fan of baseball caps? If so, you probably wear your baseball cap a lot. Whether you wore out your favorite hat or you just feel like it's time for a change, you could be in the market for a new hat. But if you're not sure what size your head is, you could run into trouble. If you're going for a fitted cap, determining your hat size will be a necessary step. If you don't care about whether your baseball cap is fitted or not, you may choose to go with a snapback or some other hat style that is adjustable.

To help you determine what size your head is, and therefore what size hat you'll need, we are going to offer a few tips.


A head circumference measurement is first. To do this, take a string or sewing measuring tape and, across your eyebrows and above the ears, wrap it around your head. So there is a little room, under the tape or string, slide one finger. Either measure the area on the string or read the tape measure for your head circumference. Go the next size up if you fall between measurements. Whether you use centimeters or inches is up to you.

Now it's time to determine size. Something to keep in mind here is that, as with certain articles of clothing, specific brands or hat makers size their products a little bit differently than others. But only marginally. For the most part, however, the following information should apply where hat sizes are concerned. Note: Frequently, unique sizing charts are provided by companies for their hats.

We are going to refer to hat sizing in inches and American sizes (as opposed to UK sizes).

Female And Male Hat Sizes

  • Size 8 to 8 1/8 = 25 inches to 25 1/2 inches = XXX large
  • Size 7 3/4 to 7 7/8 = 24 1/4 inches to 24 5/8 inches = XX large
  • Size 7 1/2 to 7 5/8 = 23 1/2 to 23 7/8 inches = X large
  • Size 7 1/4 to 7 3/8 = 22 5/8 inches to 23 inches = large
  • Size 6 3/4 to 6 7/8 = 21 1/8 inches to 21 1/2 inches = small

What, do you suppose, is the most common men's/women's head measurement? Men, approximately 23.23 inches; women, approximately 22.44 inches.

Adjustable Hats

Fortunately, some baseball caps are adjustable. These may be referred to as snapbacks. With this style, across the back, there are two straps: one with holes into which little knobs snap in (from the strap on the other side). Adjustable hats may have a strap with Velcro or a strap across the back with a buckle for adjustment. There are even some hats with elastic across the back.

Hats for Different Head Sizes

At Hat Heaven, we carry hats for everyone! Grandma or Grandpa, Mom or Dad, and even the kids can get in the act. If you have a hard to fit head, don't worry. We have adjustable baseball caps. Whether you're a sports fanatic, have a favorite catchy saying, or get a kick out of certain cartoon characters, we've got what you're looking for.

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