How To Clean Your Favorite Baseball Caps

Posted on August 07 2019

Baseball caps have come a long way. Yes, that does apply to the design which, though relatively consistent through the years, has been altered by changes in the material used, the fit of the cap itself, and so on. But one of the biggest differences in baseball caps of yesteryear and baseball caps today may well be how and where the caps are worn.

Many people think nothing of wearing a baseball cap to work, in a professional setting, even if the job does not specifically revolve around sports. Other formal gatherings may even see one or more attendees donning a baseball cap.

With all this wearing of baseball caps, they will undoubtedly become soiled and worn. We’re going to go through the best tips on how to care for your hats and clean them when needed.How To Clean Your Favorite Baseball Caps

To Wash Or to Discard?

For many, that is the question. But if it's a cap that you have grown to love through the years, possibly a favorite, you may be hard-pressed to trash it. You may have heard that some people put their baseball cap on the top shelf of the dishwasher and run it through a cycle. For many, this achieves less than desirable results. It may come out only partially cleaned, seemingly discolored, or misshapen. Turns out, there is a gentler, better way to clean your old cap. You can add years to its life, make it brighter, and looking refreshed. The best part is, it doesn't require a lot of expensive equipment.

Step-By-Step Cap Washing Instructions

Into a bucket or a clean sink, place enough warm water to adequately cover the cap. If warm water is not available, cool water will suffice.

 Add a tablespoon of OxiClean or laundry detergent as the bucket or sink is filling. In a pinch, you can use dish soap, but most laundry soaps (like OxiClean) are better for deep down cleaning.

Spot clean areas that are especially problematic. Don't be afraid to apply a little bit of the product you are using for cleaning directly to the cap/stain. After getting the hat wet, use a small scrubber or toothbrush to clean deep into the fabric. For nasty sweat stains, some people prefer shampoo, and they get good results with it. (Be particularly careful around threaded stitching so as not to disturb or misplace it.)

For a good couple of hours, let the hat soak. If you're in a rush, 30 minutes may suffice, as long as the cap isn't particularly soiled. Before you rinse, check for leftover stains that may need more scrubbing.

All Done with Washing

Now, using warm water, it's time to rinse your hat thoroughly. To get rid of excess moisture, allow the cap to drip for a time, then pat it down with a towel. Be careful to retain the shape of the cap.

The Final Drying Stage

Once you have removed as much moisture as possible, find a container upon which to set the cap for complete drying. A mannequin head, balled up towel, canister, or coffee jar would suffice. The goal is to not allow the cap to crinkle up but ensure its shape. If you need to speed up the process, use a low setting on your hairdryer or a small fan.

There you have it!

If you follow the above stated tips, your Hat Heaven baseball cap could last a long time. Then again, if you wear it every day, it may start looking a little worse for the wear sooner rather than later. Either way, you can enjoy using any number of our hats for work, sports, or leisure.


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