How To Choose The Right Hat Fit

Posted on December 06 2020

Oh, that age-old question: How should a hat fit? One would think that it would be an easy question to answer. However, compared to days of yesteryear, people just aren't wearing hats like they used to (with the exception of baseball caps). It's become a lost art.

But stylish toppers and dress hats are making a comeback! Because of this, more and more people are asking the age-old question already posed. There are steps that you can take to make sure that your hat fits properly, including measuring your head.

When all else fails, of course, there is a tried and true method of hat fitting - If it feels good, it's a good fit. There is an exception here, however. If it feels good but you have the wrong face shape paired with the wrong style of hat, it may not look good.

Measuring tape on color background

Measuring Your Head

For this procedure, you'll need a piece of string and ruler or just a measuring tape. Take the string or measuring tape in each hand. Until the ends meet at the center of your forehead, around the largest part of your head, wrap the string or tape. Don't make it too loose, but don't make it too tight either. Now, either read the measuring tape or, with the ruler, measure the distance of string you used.

Hat size charts may vary slightly but are relatively standard. Some hats are classified as "easy fit" because they have either elastic or are stretchy. Others are strictly "fitted". Easy fit hats usually come in small, medium, large, etc. While fitted hats come in distinct sizes according to measurement (example: 22 3/4 inches could be a size 7 1/4 on many hat size charts).

Note: If you find yourself between sizes, rather than picking the smaller size, it's better to err on the side of a larger hat.

Fit And Fabric Are Important

There is a different feel to various types of materials. At first, a straw hat won't have much give, while you will experience more flexibility with a cotton fabric. Shrinkage should be a consideration with wool hats. Remember that over time, hats will either shrink or stretch, and that fit will vary accordingly.

Here are a few tips:

  • You have the right size if, between the cap and your head, you can fit one finger.
  • Pick a looser hat if you're ending up with forehead marks or if you feel tension. The fit should be snug but not tight.
  • Your hat should not obstruct your view. It should fit nicely above your eyebrows, about mid forehead.

Don't Forget The Hat Tape!

Also referred to as "hat size reducer", hat tape can make a slightly too large hat fit better. For a more secure fit, inside the sweatband, this tape sticks, courtesy of the one-sided adhesive.

Body Proportions

Knowing the proportions of your body will also help you pick the right fit for a hat. To maintain balance, a wide-brimmed topper should be worn if you have very broad shoulders. You will get a shrunken head effect if you go with a hat that is too small!

A hat with a 3 inch or wider brim and/or really tall crown should probably not be worn by those with a smaller frame. 

Make Sure You Have Baseball Caps!

Whatever hat you decide on, make sure you've got at least a handful of baseball caps ready for wear. These can style up an outfit, complete your sports ensemble, or camouflage a bad hair day. They can be worn at home, out and about – pretty much anytime.

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